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Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon with Mike Goldberg 04/23/20

Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon with Mike Goldberg 04/23/20
Highland Item # 993667

Price : $85.00
Our classes are suspended until further notice.

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Notice About our Woodworking Classes
As a commitment to serving you as safely as possible, Highland Woodworking has suspended the sign up for our classes until further notice. Once it's established that our classes can be held safely, we will resume sign ups at that time. Please check back to our website for updates. We look forward to offering our classes again soon.

Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon with Mike Goldberg

Thursday, April 23, 2020 from 05:30pm to 8:30pm
Class Size: 8
Hands-on Workshop

Whether building a boat, a house, a simple chair or back yard project, methods for joining two pieces of wood together are endless. There are nails, screws, bolts of all types, plates and brackets galore, but unfortunately they can end up looking unsightly. In addition, an inherent problem with combining metal fasteners & brackets with wood is that wood moves and metal doesnt, so over time the joint can weaken. In certain conditions, metal sweats, creating moisture that rots wood and, some types of wood can actually dissolve metal fasteners. Regardless of the disadvantages, the array of metal fasteners have a common engineered design that involve the basic premise of friction as the force holding two pieces of wood together. A simple, well made mortise & tenon provides adequate friction (and bearing) for a joint, without the drawbacks of metal fasteners and is a proven way to join wood together that has endured for centuries.
In this class, timber framer Mike Goldberg will teach you how to mark out and construct a mortise and tenon joint using hand tools. Emphasis will be on using hand-tool methods and techniques typically employed on exterior projects such as garden arbors and fence gates. Youll learn the details of sound joinery dimensioning & layout, as well as tips on cutting & chopping squarely and dealing with out-of -square lumber. Youll come away with a solid understanding of the mortise and tenon joint, allowing you to better explore the many available methods and tools for creating this joint in your own workspace.

Highland Woodworking reserves the right to cancel any class. Full refunds will be issued in that event. Students withdrawing from a class must notify Highland Woodworking 10 or more days prior to the beginning of the class to receive full credit or refund. No refund or credit will be issued with less than 10 days' notice. For labor intensive or multiple day courses, we reserve the right to issue special refund stipulations which will be noted in the class advertisement at the time of posting.


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