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Hock Bench Plane Irons

Hock Bench Plane Irons

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Hock Bench Plane Irons

Hock irons have long been prized for their excellent hardness, rigidity and edge retention. These replacement blades for bench planes are made from ultra fine-grained high carbon tool steel, which takes a sharper edge than alloys like chrome-vanadium steel or HSS.

High Carbon irons are O-1 Tool Steel fully hardened and tempered to Rc62 on the Rockwell scale, much harder than ordinary tools but not in the least brittle or delicate. For the ultimate in durability, Hock's Cryogenically Treated A-2 Tool Steel irons are significantly tougher and more wear resistant than even their own high carbon blades. "Cryo" irons, conditioned at -320°F, will hold an edge longer than you've ever experienced. They're a little harder to sharpen, of course, but the results are simply amazing.

Please read carefully: These irons are patterned as replacements for most of the Record, Stanley, Bailey bench planes (and their clones) made over the past 50+ years. Hock irons are 3/32″ thick, (slightly thicker than the original irons) to offer more chatter free cutting. You may have to file open the throat on the sole of your plane to have adequate chip clearance. Some original chip breaker screws can be too short with the thicker Hock iron. Hock offers upgraded chip breakers as well, if you cannot use your original chipbreaker with a Hock iron. Hock's chip breaker screw only fits Hock chip breakers.

Read more about how Hock blades can improve the cutting ability of your hand planes.

In the video below, Jim Dillon shows how Hock Plane Irons can improve your hand planes. (Video is 5-1/2 minutes - it will take a long time to load on a slow connection)

Below is a video of Ron Hock explaining the benefits of his blades and showing how to set up hand planes. (Video is 8-1/2 minutes - it will take a long time to load on a slow connection)

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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