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Lamp Auger Bit

Lamp Auger Bit
Lamp Auger BitLamp Auger Bit
Lamp Auger Bit

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Detailed Description

Lamp Auger Bit

A Lamp Auger (or shell auger) is a long thin auger bit with a handle that is used for manual drilling on the lathe. The classic use for this auger is boring holes in turned lamp columns, but any spindle that needs a centered longitudinal hole is fair game. Assuming your lathe has a hollow tailstock (or headstock) and you're holding the workpiece with a hollow center, you with a slow rotating speed, insert the auger and gradually bore a hole to the depth you need. Drill in small increments, pulling back often to evacuate the chips. The cutting edge is designed specifically for working in end grain, and is easily re-sharpenened.

  • Hole Diameter — 8mm (5/16") or 9.2mm (3/8") (select size above)
  • Auger Length — 600mm (24")
    (This is the length listed on Crown's website and in their catalog.
    This is the length of the steel, not the cutting length.)
  • Handle Length — 216mm (8-1/2")
  • Overall Length with Handle — 29"
  • Exposed Shaft Length — 20"
  • Maximum Drilling Length — This depends on your lathe. Subtract the headstock spindle length or tailstock spindle length from the Exposed Shaft Length listed above.

Metric measurements are precise manufacturer's specifications. Inch measurements are approximate.

Important Notes:

  • You must have a hollow headstock or tailstock of sufficient diameter to drill.
    • Many lathes have a hollow tailstock. If you use a knockout bar to remove your tailstock center, you're probably OK.
    • The headstock or tailstock you'll be drilling through must be #2 or #3 Morse Taper. (#1 Morse Taper is not large enough to accept either of these augers.)
    • Check the diameter of the hollow bore. Most turners will need the 5/16" lamp auger. Very few lathes will accept 3/8".

  • You will need a hollow center of the correct diameter for the bit to go through.

  • These lamp augers only cut when presented to wood that's turning counter-clockwise.
    • Drilling through the headstock of a lathe requires a reversible motor.
    • Drilling through the tailstock does not require a reversible motor.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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