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Lie-Nielsen Hand Planes

Lie Nielsen Hand Planes, crafted in Warren, Maine USA since 1981, are among the finest planes made in the world today. Lie Nielsen's collection of bench planes, arguably the most beautiful ever made, is the most complete currently in production, from the magnificent No. 8 Jointer plane to the irresistible No. 1. Lie Nielsen also makes the largest collection of block planes, low-angle planes and specialty planes available in more than sixty years. Whether the plane body is Manganese Bronze or Nodular Ductile Iron, the machining and final finish of a Lie Nielsen plane creates a exquisite, full-functioning right out of the box. The plane irons are extra thick, made from cryogenically treated A2 steel tempered to Rc 60-62. The blades cut beautifully and hold their edge well. Handles and knobs are finished cherry and lever caps are polished bronze. If you are a Lie Nielsen enthusiast be sure to follow our Hand Plane Fundamentals Series by Lee Laird of Lie Nielsen. View all Lie Nielsen hand tools.

Lie Nielsen Hand Planes for sale through the individual hand planes listed below.

Lie Nielsen Hand Planes

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Lie-Nielsen Boggs Spokeshaves
Lie-Nielsen Boggs Spokeshaves
Price: Starting at $178.00
Lie-Nielsen Small Bronze Spokeshaves
Lie-Nielsen Small Bronze Spokeshaves
Price: Starting at $150.00
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