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Lie Nielsen Hand Saws

Lie Nielsen hand saws use only the best materials - polished Swedish Steel tempered to Rockwell 52 for durability and ease of sharpening, solid milled brass backs and gorgeous curly maple handles. As with every tool they make, these saws are made to the exacting standards of Lie Nielsen with every blade's precision set hand filed and tested. Regardless of which Lie Nielsen saw you purchase, you can be confident with Lie Nielsen's lifetime guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship. Made in the USA.

Lie Nielsen Hand Saws

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Lie-Nielsen Tapered Saws
Lie-Nielsen Tapered Saws
Price: Starting at $125.00
Leather Case for Lie-Nielsen Saw
Lie-Nielsen Leather Saw Case
Price: Starting at $30.00
Lie-Nielsen Carcass Saw
Lie-Nielsen Carcass Saw
Price: $140.00
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