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Lie-Nielsen Side-Clamp Honing Guide

Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide 134501
Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide 134501Lie-Nielsen Honing GuideLie-Nielsen Honing Guide
Lie-Nielsen Side-Clamp Honing Guide

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Detailed Description

Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide

Lie-Nielsen has turbo-charged both the design and quality of the long lived, economy made, side-clamp style honing guides. While patterned after the popular Eclipse honing guide, Lie Nielsen has perfected every detail and added their own ingenuity like designing replaceable jaws so you can sharpen a more complete range of blades and chisels.

Impeccably crafted from stainless steel, this Lie Nielsen guide has a bronze bearing for long life. A finely threaded main screw precisely moves the guide's standard jaws (included with the Honing Guide) for clamping to the edges of your irons up to 3" wide and for chisels as narrow as 1/4". A brass knurled knob with driver slot lets you snug the guide's jaws in place. Unlike honing jigs with a wide wheel, this jig's narrower wheel makes it easy to steer the jig with finger pressure, should you want to add camber or ease the outside corners of your irons.

Instructions for the use of the honing guide can be found here

In addition to the standard jaws which come with the Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide, an array of replaceable jaws are also available. These optional accessory jaws let you clamp a greater range of irons & chisels into the jig including some specialized L-N cutters.

Honing guide without jaws

Lie-Nielsen also offers the honing guide without jaws. The guide will not work without jaws. If you already have a guide with multiple sets of jaws, but don't want to swap them anymore, this is your solution. If you only plan to use the guide with one of the sets of specialty jaws and don't need the standard jaws, purchase the bare guide and your choice of jaws.

Optional Accessory Jaws

Lee Laird from Lie Nielsen Tools Works produces an instructional series on hand tools and has much more to say about Lie-Nielsen's Honing Guide. Read Lee's complete review of the Lie Nielsen Honing Guide on the Highland Woodworking Blog.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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