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Lie-Nielsen Panel Saw - 20 inch

Lie-Nielsen Panel Saw - 20 inch

Price : $225.00

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Lie-Nielsen Panel Saw - 20 inch

Panel saws are smaller than a typical 26 inch carpenter's saw, making them easy to use around the shop when cuts do not require a larger tool. At 20 inches Lie-Nielsen's Panel Saw is a good size to carry with you in your toolbox, but substanial enough to cut through hardwood boards. Lie Nielsen offers several tooth patterns among the panel saw models including two cross cut saws and a rip pattern for cutting with the grain. Remember, there is always a compromise when deciding on a tooth pattern - while fewer teeth cut faster, more teeth take longer but leave a finer cut. Adding a fine hand panel saw to your hand saw collection won't replace your table saw, but it will be a great substitute for many tasks. As always Lie Nielsen's quality and design are clearly present in this beautiful saw with nice weight and balance.

Taper ground blade - .032 inch to .026 inch thick, with a .005 inch set. Curly Maple handles. The blade is 20 inch long, overall 24-1/8 inch. Each saw comes with use and maintenance tips.

Available in three tooth configurations - cross-cut 8tpi, cross-cut 12 tpi and rip 7 tpi.

Notice to residents of California: Please read our Proposition 65 warning.

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