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Makita 9820-2 Sharpener
Highland Item # 421001
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Detailed Description

Makita 9820-2 Sharpener

Makita designed the 9820-2 for sharpening jointer and planer blades up to 16" in length. It does that job beautifully, and the quality of its work makes a great difference in the quality of work you can expect from your machines.

The sharpener's territory isn't limited to machine knives. Practically any hand tool in the shop can be ground and sharpened with ease; chisels and plane irons can be jigged and ground to a perfect bevel, while carving tools, turning tools, knives or any other tools you can think of can easily be sharpened free-hand. All your grinding and sharpening is done with no risk of overheating an edge and drawing the tool's temper; a constant supply of water from a gravity-feed tank on the sharpener keeps stones from clogging or glazing and tools cool through through even the most vigorous grinding.


Makita equips the sharpener with a 1000-grit wheel, a stone which provides a very good cutting edge—sharper than you've ever seen on a planer blade.

We expect routinely to turn out edges that are within a few thousandths of straight over twelve inches, with no bowing or distortion of the knife and absolutely minimal wastage of steel. We've been able to regrind knives a good dozen times when they'd normally last through no more than three commercial sharpenings before having to be replaced.

Mounting Machine Knives

The 9820-2 comes equipped with a stout cast-iron blade holder that can handle practically any known make of jointer knife or nondisposable planer knife up to about 16" long. Jointer knives are a snap, since you can put two or three of them end-to-end in the holder and sharpen them all at once.

Hand Tool Jig

Our Hand Tool Jig comes with a removable 1-1/2" roller which serves as an excellent honing guide for manual sharpening. Remove the roller, and the jig rides along the 9820-2's tool rest, allowing easy setup for grinding and sharpening chisels and plane irons.The jig is NOT included with the sharpener

Hand tools other than chisels and plane irons can be sharpened freehand far more easily than you'd expect. Remove the tool rest from the front of the sharpener, leaving the front 3/4 of the sharpening stone fully accessible. Show the tool to the stone at whatever angle you need, and let the 9820-2 do all the work.

Additional Information

Highland Hardware User's Guide for the Makita 9820-2 PDF (67K)

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