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Micro Jig MatchFit Dado Stop

Micro Jig MatchFit Dado Stop

Price : Starting at $25.99

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Detailed Description

Micro Jig MatchFit Dado Stop

Make flawless dados for lap joints and inlays without a dado blade! The Micro Jig MatchFit Dado Stop significantly simplifies set up for cutting accurate dados using your standard tablesaw blade. There is no need for wasting material with test cuts or wasting time with changing blades and shims.

The Dado Stop references the individual kerf of a blade and the size of the inlay material, setting the measurement of the cut. The Dado Stop has 3 “legs”: Leg 1 is fixed and measures exactly 3". It functions as a crosscut stop for safe, repeatable crosscuts and can be used to calibrate your fence alignment. You set Leg 2 to cut one shoulder, accounting for the kerf, and then you set Leg 3 to match and cut the width of your inlay material. You finish by clearing out the remaining material from the center.

Important: The Micro Jig Dado Stop requires the Micro Jig Dovetail Clamp.

Micro Jig MatchFit Dado Stop Pro

The Dado Stop Pro includes:

The Micro Jig Setup Gauge quickly sets up your Dado Stop with pinpoint accuracy. You first trim the kerf width of your blade on the Setup Gauge (you can write the blade information on the Setup Gauge for future reference). Then you use the Gauge to set your width of cut on the Dado Stop.


Micro Jig MatchFit Dado Stop

Micro Jig MatchFit Dado Stop Pro

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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