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Mixol Metallic Effect Tints

Mixol Metallic Effect Tints

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Detailed Description

Mixol Metallic Effect Tints

See below for color chart.

Mixol Metallics are aqueous pigments used to add a metallic sparkle to finishes. Since they contain a bit of water, they are not true universal colorants. Mettalics are best used in water-based finishes, but can also be used in shellac and epoxy.

Metallics are most effective in clear finishes. They can be used in paints or other colored finishes, but some finishes may have larger pigment particles that will obscure the metallic effect.) When mixing metallics with Mixol universal tints, use the non-Oxide colors (bottles with white caps) as the larger pigments of the Oxides (bottles with red caps) may obscure the metallic sparkle.

Always test Metallic mixtures before using on your project. You will want to make sure you can acheive you desired level of sparkle in your chosen finish. In addition, you'll need to check the viscosity of your finish with Mixol Metallic in it. They can make some finishes too thick. We recommend mixing metallics slowly and extensively to insure complete dispersal of the flakes.

Mixol is a universal tint that can be mixed into many finishing products - water-based, solvent-based, oil-based. It can be mixed with paint, stain, epoxy, glaze, shellac, lacquer, putty, filler, grout and many other products. It's easily cleaned up with water.

Mixol metallics are not a finish on their own, they must be mixed with finish to work. Metallics are concentrated so you won't need a lot - think drops, not ounces. The pigments are the highest quality - sourced from all over the world. Mixol tints are made in Germany.

Mixol tints are available in 30g (~1oz) and 300g (~10oz) bottles. Maximum recommended concentration (by weight) is 10%, but 3-5% is usually enough.

Additional Information

All about Mixol - a guide to Mixol from the Mixol USA PDF

Mixol Metallic Information Sheet PDF

Mixol Metallic Brochure PDF

Mixol Metallic Shade Card PDF

Click here for SDS

Color Chart

Mixol Metallic Effects Tints at 3% Mixture

Color chart images show Metallic Effect Concentrate mixed into clear varnish at 3% by weight and applied to a black-white checkerboard pattern background.

ME1 Gold

ME2 Silver

ME3 Copper

Mixol Metallic Effects Blended with Mixol Universal Tints

Color chart images show Metallic Effect Concentrate & Mixol Universal tints mixed in clear varnish and applied to a black-white checkerboard pattern background.
(Each sample shows the ratio of metallic and universal tint to the finish by weight.)

2% Gold + 0.5% Canary Yellow

2% Silver + 0.5% Blue

2% Silver + 0.5% Green

2% Silver + 0.5% Violet

2% Copper + 0.1% True Pink

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
For more information, see

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