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Mori Nomi Harpoon Chisel
Highland Item # 146604

Price : $49.99
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Detailed Description

Mori Nomi Harpoon Chisel

We offer two specialty Japanese mortise chisels for follow up after the mortise chisel has chopped the waste into pieces: Nori Nomi and Sokozarai Nomi. The super-hard laminated edges of Japanese mortise chisels are not used for prying out the waste as western chisels do. Instead, these two specialty make light paring cuts and scrape the insides of mortises.

The harpoon-shaped tip of the Mori Nomi can also be driven into the waste and yanked straight up to pop out small chips & fragments clear of the mortise, clearing the corners neatly. (The more thoroughly chopped the mortise, the better the mori nomi works.) Shoji makers working in fairly soft wood then scrape the bottom of the mortise flat and clean with the Sokozarai Nomi, which can be used with one or both hands for precise control.

Overall length is 8-1/4". Width is 4.5mm (3/16").

These tools need to be honed before use.

Notice to residents of California: Please read our Proposition 65 warning.

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