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Multi-Router Production Joinery

The American-made Multi-Router jointmaker is a dream mortise & tenon machine for commercial or heavy-duty production of almost any solid-wood joint imaginable. Using the Multi-Router will increase your productivity and efficiency dramatically. With a Multi-Router in the shop you will also produce top-notch joinery - angled joinery, box joints, dovetails, mortise and tenons all fitting together with precision. Whether you want a machine for mass production of chair parts, or the ultimate router jig, the Multi-Router is an outstanding combination of ingenious design and meticulous execution. An excellent Multi-Router Instructional DVD presentation is available to provide an in-depth view of the machine at work in a shop environment.

Check-out the JDS Multi-Router Mortise & Tenon Machine, Templates & Accessories below.

Multi-Router Production Joinery

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JDS HSS Spiral End Mill Bit - 3/8 inch
JDS HSS Spiral End Mill Bit - 3/8 inch
Price: $21.99
Sale Price: $17.59
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