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Nicholson Taper Files for Hand Saw Sharpening

Nicholson Taper Files for Hand Saw Sharpening
Nicholson Taper Files for Hand Saw SharpeningNicholson Taper Files for Hand Saw Sharpening
Nicholson Taper Files for Hand Saw Sharpening

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Detailed Description

Nicholson Taper Files for Hand Saw Sharpening

Nicholson's triangular saw sharpening files are designed for sharpening 60° teeth. The single-cut file teeth produce a smooth surface and a sharp edge on saw teeth. Files come without handles. Nicholson recommends Type A Handles for all of the taper files we carry.

Saw Pitch

Over the years saw pitch has been measured using two different systems. TPI (teeth per inch) is primarily used by British sawmakers and measures whole teeth per inch. PPI (points per inch) is primarily used by American sawmakers and measures only tooth points per inch. Measuring pitch using PPI typically results in a number one higher than measuring in TPI — on the same saw. If your saw is 4 TPI, it will be 5 PPI. Our chart below shows both for clarity — or confusion.

Don't over-stress about file selection. You won't ruin your saw if you choose the “wrong” size. As long as it's pretty close it will work. The files are fairly inexpensive so it won't break the bank to get a range that should cover most saws.

If you are sharpening Japanese saws (or saws with Japanese-style teeth), you will need a feather file due to the different tooth shape.

Larger saws - like log saws - require a much bigger file called a cantsaw file.

Length Taper Saw Pitch
in TPI
Nicholson # HW #
4" Extra Slim 16-20 tpi 21875 124416
6" Slim 7-8 tpi 21866 124416
6" Extra Slim 9-10 tpi 21873 124419
6" Extra Extra Slim 13-16 tpi 21874 124415
7" Slim 5-7 tpi 14255 424415
7" Extra Slim 8-10 tpi 14696 424416
7" Extra Extra Slim 10-13 tpi 15056 424417

Listed length refers to the cutting part of the file. Overall length of the file including tang is longer.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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