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New Woodpeckers® OneTIME Tool®
Modular Bar Gauge System
Monday, May 21 is the last day to order!

Get Super-Accurate Inside or Outside Measurements
New Tips Transfer Measurements to Set Machines

Bar Gauges Deliver Can’t Miss Measurements. Rulers and tape measures have their limitations, especially when it comes to inside measurements. That’s why bar gauges have been used to nail this common task for generations. Woodworkers cobble together a couple sticks, but they are often clumsy to use and less than reliable.

Woodpeckers latest OneTIME Tool, the Modular Bar Gauge System, is not only the ultimate inside measurement tool, but new “Mushroom-style” tips make it a dead-on outside measurement tool as well! These new tips and new, modular style connecting rods allow measurements from as little as 8-1/4" all the way up to 96-5/8".

Why These Bar Gauges Rule. Our new Bar Gauge System excels when measuring inside dimensions in a variety of conditions thanks to innovative, interchangeable, solid brass tips that thread into the ends of the sturdy, 3/8" stainless steel rods.

The blunt-end tips are perfect for gauging the distance between cabinet parts for shelves, door and drawer openings and more. When making built-ins, they are indispensable taking measurements between walls. And they have dozens more uses.

Attach arrow-shaped tips to check if a cabinet, frame or drawer box is square by comparing the distance between diagonal corners.

Use the pin tips to measure the distance between cabinet parts like drawer sides to find the exact measurement for drawer bottoms, or other cabinet parts that nest in dados, rabbets or grooves.

Now the Best Part – DOUBLE YOUR ACCURACY! That’s right, double your accuracy. Imagine you’ve set your Bar Gauge and found the perfect measurement. With the bars locked, you go straight to your table saw and use the Bar Gauge to set fence, or set a stop block at your chop saw. The Bar Gauge gives you the exact physical reference for super-accurate, repeatable cuts every time.

The Magic of New "Mushroom-Style" Tips. This style tip adds a whole new dimension to the versatility of our new Bar Gauges. Use the flanged ends to take outside dimensions. What's the big deal, you say? OK, the 3/4" mushroom "stem" is the precise length of the other style tips when threaded into the bars. By simply switching tips, you can now transfer that perfect outside dimension to set up your table or miter saw to replicate an inside dimension. (Note: If you already own our Bar Gauge, Mushroom tips can be ordered separately.)

The Modular Bar Gauge System is available as a complete, deluxe set. This set includes all eight tips; two end bars; six 12" long extension bars; two 6" long extension bars; two rod clamp bodies and the Trammel Head Set. Your Deluxe Modular Bar Gauge System will be delivered in a protective, molded case with a custom cut foam interior. Alternatively, the system is also available in a Systainer style case.

Modular Bar Gauge System Modular Bar Gauge System
Modular Bar Gauge System Modular Bar Gauge System
Modular Bar Gauge System Modular Bar Gauge System
Modular Bar Gauge System Modular Bar Gauge System

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NEW Woodpeckers OneTime Tool
Modular Bar Gauge System

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NEW Woodpeckers OneTime Tool
Modular Bar Gauge System

•  When They're Gone, They're Gone! Like all our OneTIME Tools, each Modular Bar Gauge System is made to order in a one-time production run. Woodpeckers makes only enough to fill pre-orders. Once orders are filled, the Modular Bar Gauge System will be retired from their product line.

•  Only available for a limited time - order by May 21, 2018!

•  Delivery is scheduled for September, 2018.

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