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New Woodpeckers® OneTIME Tool®
Deluxe Bench Dog Kit
Monday, May 28 is the last day to order!

Need an Extra Hand in the Shop? Here it is!

Clamp any size or shape with the Woodpeckers Deluxe Bench Dog Kit. Focus on the job at hand instead of chasing your work all over the bench with Woodpeckers new Deluxe Bench Dog Kit. Whether your stock is thick, thin, or offset; square, angled, or curved there’s a set of dogs in the Deluxe Bench Dog Kit that will support it perfectly, leaving your hands free to do your best work.

Designed by woodworkers for woodworkers. Instead of springs that wear out and let your bench dog’s fall right to the floor, the bench dogs in the Deluxe Bench Dog Kit have machined shoulders that rest firmly on your workbench surface. The kit includes 4 each of 4 heights (1/8”, 3/8”, 11/16” and 2”). Each size is just a little shorter than a standard stock thickness, so you won’t run sharp tools or power equipment into the dogs. If you work on a grid-drilled workbench like the Festool MFT, the included Extended Stops will bridge across two Bench Dogs, giving you a longer (and straight) gripping surface. The Extended Stops are sized to work square to the grid or on a 45° angle, making it simple to hold complicated mitered projects.

Rise up and get the job done. The 1/8” Bench Dogs are drilled and tapped to accept the Adjustable Risers. Thread the risers in or out to support rabbeted workpieces or any similar offset work that is out of balance and easily tipped over.

Plenty of grip, whatever you’re working on. The Deluxe Bench Dog Kit includes 16 - Bench Dogs, 2 - Extended Stops and 4 - Adjustable Risers. It’s available in two versions, one with 20mm stems (for Festool MFT and similar grid-drilled workbenches) and one with ¾” stems (for Sjöbergs, Veritas and others). You can get either one in a plain box, or a fitted Systainer.

Deluxe Bench Dog Kit Deluxe Bench Dog Kit
Deluxe Bench Dog Kit Deluxe Bench Dog Kit
Deluxe Bench Dog Kit Deluxe Bench Dog Kit

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NEW Woodpeckers OneTime Tool
Deluxe Bench Dog Kit

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Deluxe Bench Dog Kit

NEW Woodpeckers OneTime Tool
Deluxe Bench Dog Kit

•  When They're Gone, They're Gone! Like all our OneTIME Tools, each Deluxe Bench Dog Kit is made to order in a one-time production run. Woodpeckers makes only enough to fill pre-orders. Once orders are filled, the Deluxe Bench Dog Kit will be retired from their product line.

•  Only available for a limited time - order by May 28, 2018!

•  Delivery is scheduled for October, 2018.

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