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Oneway Stronghold Scroll Chuck

Oneway Stronghold Scroll Chuck 181300
Oneway Stronghold Scroll Chuck 181300
Oneway Stronghold Scroll Chuck

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Oneway Stronghold Scroll Chuck

Oneway's scroll chucks provide several powerful and versatile self-centering stock holding functions. Their jaws can expand within a shallow undercut recess to grip the bottom of a bowl securely, or they can tighten around a foot, stub tenon or the end of a spindle. A variety of optional jaw sizes gives these chucks a very wide grip range; they can hold round or square tenons from just 1/4" (with Spigot Jaws) to 15" in diameter with Mega Jumbo Jaws. Standard equipment includes a 1/2" x 1-1/4" Woodworm Screw, whose deep, sharp threads & tapered nose are exceptionally effective. Woodworms are designed to be installed easily and securely in all three chuck models.

Oneway chucks can be used on almost any lathe. Threaded taper-lock mounting adapters, available to fit a wide variety of lathes, center themselves perfectly in the chuck body, which can then be screwed onto your lathe's spindle nose. Two of the most popular sizes, 1"-8 tpi & 1-1/4-8 tpi, are cross-threaded right- & left-hand to work equally well on both inboard and outboard spindles. An adapter is required for mounting Oneway chucks. Extra adapters offer a very economical way to use the same chuck on every lathe you own. Note that Talon and Oneway chucks accept adapters up to 33mm. Only the Stronghold Chuck handles 1-1/2"-8 tpi mounting adapters.

There are three scroll chuck models, Talon, Oneway and Stronghold; your choice can be determined by size and budget. Stronghold is the heavyweight; if you turn large, heavy objects as well as smaller stuff, it's the natural choice. Oneway and Talon chucks have nearly identical capacities; the main difference is that you operate the jaws on the original Oneway chuck with two levers ("tommy bars"), while the Talon, like the Stronghold, offers the convenience of a large T-handled single chuck key Each chuck is equipped with #2 profile jaws, a 1/2" x 1-1/4" Woodworm screw, operating key or levers, and a thorough instruction booklet.

For all spindle sizes, a threaded insert is REQUIRED to adapt the chuck to fit your lathe. See the chart below for the sizes available. If you do not see your size call us for assistance. If you choose to order this chuck without an insert and you do not already have an insert, it will not work.

Threaded Inserts
Size Lathes
5/8" Smooth Shopsmith
3/4"-16tpi RH Sears, Record, Rigid
1"-8tpi RH/LH Some Delta, Jet, General, Rikon and many others
1"-12tpi RH Grizzly
1-1/4"-8tpi RH/LH Some Delta, General, Powermatic, Jet, Rikon
1-1/2"-8tpi RH/LH Some General, Powermatic & Conover (Conover requires a special insert because the spindle nose is longer than most lathes)
Blank Insert This insert is for lathes with an unusual spindle size or thread pattern. You will need to have it custom threaded at a machine shop in your area.
No Insert The Oneway Chuck REQUIRES an insert to operate. Only order your chuck without an insert if you already have one.
This is a general guide.
If you are not certain which is the correct thread, check your lathe manual or call us.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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