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Oneway Toolrest Banjo Base

Oneway Toolrest Banjo base for 24 in swing 130148
Oneway Toolrest Banjo base for 24 in swing 130148Banjo Clamp BlockBed GapBed GapBed Thickness
Oneway Toolrest Banjo Base

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Detailed Description

Oneway Toolrest Banjo1 Base

Oneway Tool Rest Bases are some of the best in the world. They use a patented Oneway design to overcome the problems of traditional camlock bases. They clamp quickly and powerfully while maintaining to move and slide easily. The clamp screw handle can even be adjusted to be out of your way when clamped.

Important Notes on Fit
  • The listed size of the tool rest base is the swing of the lathe it will fit. e.g. The 12" tool rest base is designed to fit a lathe with a 12" swing2.
  • All Oneway Tool Rest Bases come configured to fit Oneway lathes. eg. The 10" tool rest base is set up for the Oneway 1018 lathe, the 16" is set up for the Oneway 1640 lathe, etc.
  • Oneway tool rest bases can be set up for non-Oneway lathes, but it will require a custom Clamp Block and an additional fee.
    • If you are ordering for a non-Oneway lathe, you MUST measure your lathe.
      This information is NOT in your manual and we cannot tell you what size you need.
    • To order a banjo for a non-Oneway lathe, you will need two measurements: the bed gap and bed thickness of the lathe.
      • Bed Gap is the space between the ways of the lathe bed. The clamp block needs to fit in the bed gap. (See picture above for clarification.)
      • Bed Thickness Thickness of the lathe bed itself. (See picture above for clarification.)
    • There is a custom machining fee for most custom clamp blocks. It is included in the price listed above for other lathes. Larger or more complicated clamp blocks may require an additional charge.
    • Delivery time for banjos with custom clamp blocks is 2-6 weeks.

The clamp block used for Oneway Easycore System, Spindle Steadys and Bowl Steadys is NOT compatible with the Toolrest Banjo Base.


Nominal Swing Banjo Base Length Banjo Height Tool Rest Post Diameter
10" 9-7/8" 3-1/4" 3/4" post
12" 10-1/2" 4" 1" post
16" 17-1/2" 5-1/2" 1" post
20" 16" 7-1/2" 1" post
24" 18" 8-3/4" 1" post

Additional Information

1 What the heck are you talking about banjo??? Long ago the tool rest base on a lathe was a much simpler tool - basically a big flat piece of steel roughly in the shape of a banjo. That name caught on and is still used sometimes now to describe the tool rest base.

2 What is swing? Swing is the maximum diameter object that can be turned on a lathe - twice the measurement from the center of the spindle to the bed of the lathe.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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