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How to Resaw Wood

Slicing Wood: The Fine Tuned Bandsaw

A Guide to Successful Resawing

Bandsaw Resawing from the beginning: resawing is cutting a sawn plank of wood into thinner planks on a bandsaw. Thus the cut runs through the plank's width, which distinguishes bandsaw resawing from ordinary bandsaw rip cuts where the blade runs through the stock's thickness. It's all ripping in any case, and the techniques we'll review here apply just as well to ripping 8/4 stock as to sawing 10" veneers or 5" drawer sides. The bandsaw is the ideal tool for this job. It's far safer than a circular saw, because it doesn't cause kickback. Its narrow kerf and vertical blade movement make it extremely efficient, wasting minimal wood and cutting relatively easily and quickly even with a low-power saw. Resawing on a bandsaw is easy; all you have to do is cut straight lines (very straight indeed). This requires nothing more complicated than appropriate bandsaw blade selection, adequate tension, effective stock control, and practice.


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