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Explore a decade of woodworking in our archived collection of woodworking articles, woodworking tips and woodworking nostalgia Highland Woodworking

Retro Woodworking

Before ever publishing a woodworking tool catalog, Highland Hardware began sending out to its customers a product-oriented newsletter called "Wood News" which featured articles on woodworking tips, hand tool techniques and woodworking updates. Published two or three times a year, it soon grew into a small woodworking magazine, actually one of the early examples of what came to be known as a "magalog." In 1992, the magazine format was merged into the store's comprehensive tool catalog, which now appears in four editions each year. Its in-depth analysis of the tools we sell has won consistent praise over the years from customers, journalists and tool manufacturers.

Our aim has always been to promote woodworking among individuals by providing access to the tools, materials and ideas which combined with patience and desire lead to skill in making things from wood.

  • Wood News Issue #1 December 1977 - Featured Article: Woodturning 101 Tips
                                                                                                Learn About Wood Part 1
  • Wood News Issue #2 Feb - Mar 1978 - Featured Article: Learn About Wood Part 2
  • Wood News Issue #3 April - May 1978 - Featured Article: Wood Joinery (Coming Soon)
  • Wood News Issue #4 August 1978 - Featured Article: A Tribute To American Chestnut (Coming Soon)
  • Wood News Issue #6 February 1981
  • Wood News Issue #7 Fall 1981
  • Wood News Issue #8 Winter 1982
  • Wood News Issue #9 Spring 1982
  • Wood News Issue #10 Fall 1982
  • Wood News Issue #11 Spring 1983
  • Wood News Issue #12 Fall 1983
  • Wood News Issue #13 Spring 1984
  • Wood News Issue #14 Summer 1984
  • Wood News Issue #15 Spring 1985
  • Wood News Issue #16 Fall 1985
  • Wood News Issue #17 Spring 1986
  • Wood News Issue #18 Fall 1986
  • Wood News Issue #19 Spring 1987
  • Wood News Issue #20 Fall 1987
  • Wood News Issue #21 Spring - Summer 1988
  • Wood News Issue #22 Winter 1989
  • Wood News Issue #23 Spring - Summer 1989
  • Wood News Issue #24 Winter 1990
  • Wood News Issue #25 Summer 1990
  • Wood News Issue #26 Winter 1991
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