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Rikon Bandsaw Mobility Kit

Rikon Bandsaw Mobility Kit
Rikon Bandsaw Mobility KitRikon Bandsaw Mobility KitRikon Bandsaw Mobility KitRikon Bandsaw Mobility Kit - Side View wth LeverRikon Bandsaw Mobility Kit
Rikon Bandsaw Mobility Kit

Price : Starting at $79.99

Detailed Description

Rikon Bandsaw Mobility Kit

Bandsaws are really hard to move around the shop. They're large and tend to be a little top-heavy. Rikon's mobility kit makes it easy to park your bandsaw in the corner when you're not using it — without sacrificing stability when you're using or moving it.

The kit has three main parts: the axle & two wheels mount on the column side of the saw, the lift bracket that mounts on the table side of the saw, and the wheeled lever. The feet of the lift bracket are the same height as the wheels so the saw stays level. To move the saw, you hook the wheeled lever underneath the lift bracket and push down. This lifts the table side of the saw off the floor so that you can pull or push the saw with the lever. We found it pretty easy to maneuver the saw over most smooth surfaces.

Installation is quick and easy. You only need a pair of pliers, a wrench and a couple of two by fours (to prop up the saw while you mount the wheels and lift bracket). It took us about five minutes to mount it on our saw.

Rikon Bandsaw Mobility Kit

Fits HW # Rikon # Price  
Rikon 14" Deluxe Bandsaws
(Models 10-325 & 10-326)
Rikon 16" Bandsaw
(Model 10-336)
191147 13-325
Rikon 14" Professional Bandsaws
(Models 10-350, 10-350BAL, 10-351 & 10-353)
Rikon 18" Bandsaws
(Models 10-341, 10-342, 10-345, 10-346 & 10-370)
191148 13-345

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