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SawStop Table Saw Models

Sawstop Tablesaw Comparison

Understanding Sawstop Tablesaw Models and Feature Options

See the comparison chart below for complete specifications

Highland Woodworking SawStop Comparison Buyer’s Guide.

If you are reading this, hopefully you're considering a SawStop table saw for your woodworking needs. The chart of specifications below should help you sort through the choices of the SawStop models available. The great thing is that all of the models have the same reliable technology to detect a skin touch with the blade. The SawStop flesh detecting mechanism has saved thousands of fingers since their cabinet table saw came out in 2004. It's not just about Sawstop's tablesaw safety features, though. SawStop saws are high quality, accurate cutting table saws. With a SawStop, you get the best in safety and the best in quality for your shop.

We're big fans of SawStop saws for woodworkers of all levels. We use them in our store here in Atlanta and many of our employees own SawStop saws. We would prefer if you made your SawStop purchase from us (we are a full stocking dealer for the SawStop product line). That said, we want your next table saw purchase to be a SawStop, even if you don’t buy it from us! (We are earnest about getting the SawStop technology into as many shops as possible.) We're so confident in the safety and quality of SawStop that we don't offer any other brand of table saw.

We're in this for the long haul. We can supply you with plenty of woodworking tools and supplies over the years if your woodworking hobby or career is safe and happy. We want you to make great stuff and keep all of your fingers. If we sound like your old nagging shop teacher, it’s because we want you to be safe from the outset when using a table saw. We're a little sensitive about it, because many of our customers over the years have experienced a serious table saw accident that would have been prevented with a SawStop. We think sensible table saw practices, combined with the SawStop technology, are the best ways to stay safe when operating a table saw. Ok, we’re finally finished lecturing! On to talking about models to consider.

Major considerations for selecting the model to best serve your needs

"Size" for a table saw speaks to many things.

Shop size is often a big factor that dictates the size of the table saw you can have. The final footprint of the saw is determined by the cut capacity of the fence option you get. If you want to get an idea how the footprint size of a particular model w/ fence option may work in your own shop, assemble some scrap cardboard together in the length and width dimensions of a saw model and set the cardboard rectangle on saw horses. See how well it fits within your space. Can you move about the cardboard perimeter and have the space it occupies not interfere with your shop workflow? Can you envision the space needed for material in-feed and outfeed where the saw would occupy space when set up? Fortunately, every model of SawStop has the option of adding a mobile base to make it easy to move around your shop.

A saw’s motor size has specific electrical demands, so you want to be sure you have available power in your shop for energizing the model you’re considering. The motor size is a factor in how efficient the saw cuts. Bigger motors will let you cut thick, dense woods with a faster feed rate, which is important for commercial shops.

Fence size determines how far the fence can be locked down to the right of the blade. The largest option of 52" allows you to crosscut a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood in half. The smallest option of 30” makes the footprint of the saw smaller for space challenged shops. The 36" option will let you cut panels for the sides of a lower kitchen cabinet, so if you hope to build your own kitchen cabinets someday with your new saw, keep in mind the 36" capacity lets you do this and the 30" option will not.

Jobsite Saw

The JobSite Saw is compact and easily portable. It comes mounted on an integrated folding cart stand with wheels. While it's designed for transportation to and from a job site, it's also well suited to the serious home woodworker with limited space. It's easy to store in a basement or garage shop. It only requires 110 volt, 15 amp power so it will work on most household outlets. Cutting large boards or sheets will require the assistance of outfeed supports or a helper.

Contractor's Saw

The Contractor's Saw is a step up from a Jobsite saw. It is bigger, heavier duty and more stable. It can handle large sheets more easily, but will still require outfeed support or a helper. It has an induction motor, which is more efficient at delivering power to the blade and a heavy cast iron trunnion that will keep the cut accurate and precise. With a mobile base, the contractor saw can be moved around the shop, but it's not easy to take to a job site. It has pretty big footprint. A contractor's saw can perform all tasks required of a stationary cabinet saw for any serious woodworker. It may not be able to rip 8/4 maple as fast as bigger saws, but it will get the job done. The CNS has three different fence options to fit capacity requirements: 30" Aluminum, 36" heavy duty T-Glide & 52" heavy duty T-Glide.

Professional Cabinet Saw

The Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS) is a serious saw for a demanding user. It is suited to either the serious home hobbyist or the small commercial shop. It is very heavy and difficult to move without a mobile base. You'll still be able to move it out of the way easily with a mobile base and it won't take up much more space than a contractor's saw. The PCS is available with a 1.75hp 110v or 3hp 220v induction motors. The PCS saws are the most popular model SawStops with our customers.

Industrial Cabinet saw
The Industrial Cabinet Saw (ICS) is a larger and more robust saw than the PCS. The cast iron table is 3" deeper than the PCS model. This provides additional stock support and more mass for greater stability when cutting. The motor options start at 3HP 220v single phase and go up to 7.5HP 460V three phase for the most demanding commercial operations. The ICS has extra safety features like a power lock out switch to prevent accidental start ups during maintenance and kill switches on the cabinet access panels. It has larger bearings for the arbor spindle and a more massive trunnion. The Industrial SawStops will excel in larger scale production shops, operating with heavy duty-cycle shifts. SawStop has an optional mobile base for the ICS, should you have a need move it within your shop.
  Jobsite Pro Contractor's
Cabinet Saw
Cabinet Saw
Saw Size
48" x 36" x 28-3/4"

Folded, on end
26-1/4" x 45" x 28-3/4"
w/ 30" fence
58-1/2" x 40" x 34 3/4"

w/ 36" fence
69 1/8" x 45" x 34 3/4"

w/ 52" fence
85 1/4" x 45" x 34 3/4"
w/ 30" fence
61-3/4" x 31 1/8" x 34"

w/ 36" fence
69 1/8" x 33" x 34"

w/ 52" fence
85 1/4" x 33" x 34"
w/ 36" fence
69-1/4" x 36-1/2" x 34"

w/ 52" fence
85-1/4" x 36-1/2" x 34"
Fence Capacity 25-1/2" 30", 36" or 52"
(Based on fence model)
30", 36" or 52"
(Based on fence model)
36" or 52"
(Based on fence model)
Blade Guard
Optional Upgrade 1.75hp - Opt. Upgrade
3hp - Included
Included Included
Saw Only
79 lbs
108 lbs w/ mobile cart
225 lbs 317 lbs 530 lbs
Weight w/
30" Fence
n/a 245 lbs 367 lbs n/a
Weight w/
36" Fence
n/a 310 lbs 408 lbs 635 lbs
Weight w/
52" Fence
n/a 335 lbs 431 lbs 685 lbs
Motor 1.5hp, 120v, 15a, Universal 1.75hp, 1ph, 120v, 14a Induction 1.75hp, 1ph, 120v, 14a
or 3hp, 1ph, 230v, 13a
3hp, 5hp or 7.5hp Induction
(See Product page for all motor options)
Dust Port 2-1/2" 4" 4" 4"
Mobile Base Included Optional Upgrade Optional Upgrade Optional Upgrade
Overarm Dust
Not Compatible Optional Upgrade Optional Upgrade Optional Upgrade
Not Compatible Optional Upgrade Optional Upgrade Optional Upgrade
Not Compatible Optional Upgrade Optional Upgrade Optional Upgrade
Common Specs All saws use 10" blade or 8" dado (up to 13/16" wide).
Max cut depth is 3-1/8" at 90° and 2-1/4" at 45°.
All saws have 3/4" x 3/8" tee miter slots.
Dado use requires addition or dado brake and dado table insert - both sold separately.

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