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Sharpening Kit for Plane Irons

Sharpening Kit for Plane Irons 128801
Sharpening Kit for Plane Irons 128801Economy Honing Guide 128250
Sharpening Kit for Plane Irons
Highland Item # 128801

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Detailed Description

Sharpening Kit for Plane Irons

Our Sharpening Kit for Plane Irons includes the items you need to complete the Sharpening Jig Project featured in Lie-Nielsen's Deneb Puchalski excellent 9-minute sharpening video in which he teaches you a quick and reliable technique for achieving consistent sharp edges on any plane iron. Our kit contains the items Deneb uses in this simple technique and we have listed below the link to download the angle setting jig plans for free from Lie Nielsen:

  1. Side clamping honing guide
  2. Combination honing/polishing waterstone
  3. Thin 6" ruler
  4. Protractor
  5. Camellia oil
  6. Roll of 150-grit wet/dry sandpaper (for re-flattening waterstones)

Our Sharpening Kit for Plane Irons contains one each of the six items on the above list.

PLUS you can CLICK HERE to download for free, Lie-Nielsen's detailed plans to use in building your own homemade angle setting jig (as shown in the image above).

PLEASE NOTE: The homemade jig itself is not included in this kit.

Additional Information

Instructions for building the the angle setting jig. PDF

Instructions for the entire sharpening technique. PDF


Sharpening Planes Irons with Deneb Puchalski from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

In the video, Deneb suggests using a 1000/8000 grit combination waterstone. We think jumping from 1000 grit honing to 8000 grit polishing is a rather big step so we include a 1000/6000 waterstone in our set. You can be successful honing at 1000 grit and then follow polishing at 6000 grit. The sharpening will go a little faster, yet still produce an excellent polished edge and in our opinion, is just as effective for getting a great edge on your plane irons.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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