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Standard Waterstone - 6000 Grit
Highland Item # 426404

Price : $28.99
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Detailed Description

Standard Waterstone - 6000 Grit

2-1/2" x 7-1/4" x 1/2"

Waterstones cut very quickly, offer a large range of grit sizes, and are pleasantly inexpensive. Our bench stones offer unusually large surfaces, wider than most plane irons and long enough for very efficient sharpening with or without a honing guide.

All our waterstones are man-made; their abrasive is sieved for accurate grit size and freedom from impurities, and the bonding process is very carefully controlled to ensure consistently reliable performance. Medium and fine stones are relatively soft, which means that every stroke of a tool exposes fresh, sharp grit and quickly builds an abrasive slurry which is a key ingredient in the stones' excellent performance. Their fast wear rate (don't be overly concerned about "fast", it means most waterstones probably won't last more than five to twenty years depending on use), together with their very hard, sharp aluminum oxide abrasive makes for extremely effective sharpening on even the hardest tool steel.

Our 200-grit Green Stone is coarse enough for heavy hand grinding, but hard enough to resist rapid hollowing even under narrow chisels. Next, the range of medium grits lets you work very economically with a single 1000-grit stone, or you may optimize efficiency by having both 800 & 1200 grit stones available to respond precisely to different sharpening needs. The 6000-grit finishing stone is as fine as a hard black Arkansas, but cuts with typical waterstone rapidity; after sharpening on a medium stone, the work of a minute or less will put a mirror shine and a razor edge on any tool. And when you demand the very best, the phenomenal 8000-grit stone can give you the sharpest edges you've ever created, working to finer grit than any other stone on the market.

A Highland Hardware user's guide with complete care and use instructions accompanies every waterstone purchase.

Notice to residents of California: Please read our Proposition 65 warning.

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