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Tablesaw Cut-Off Stop Blocks

Biesemeyer makes a handy cut-off stop block that mounts on their rip fences. Do you have a fixture like it that would fit my Sears fence?

Biesemeyer's cut-off fence fits a 4" wide box beam fence, and can be shimmed to fit narrower fences as well. However, while a stop block with a built-in clamp is undoubtedly convenient, doing repetitive cut-offs with no rip fence in sight is considerably safer and almost certainly more efficient as well. Consider this: if the diagonal length of any cut-off piece is greater than the distance from fence to blade, a few degrees' inadvertent rotation could trap the piece and cause a kickback. If the rip fence is completely out of the way, you can slide each cut-off safely and quickly away from the blade, from whence it can be removed and stacked with little opportunity for accident. If you use Biesemeyer's cut-off fence, you might find it helpful to replace the narrow stand-off face with a much wider block, allowing plenty of room to maneuver each cut-off away from the blade. Otherwise, use your rip fence to help position a scrap wood stop block, then clamp the block on the front of your table and slide the fence all the way to the end of the rails, or simply remove it from the saw.

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