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Triton 2-1/4 HP Plunge Router
Highland Item # 301008

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Detailed Description

Triton 2-1/4 HP Plunge Router

This distinctive router created by Triton Workshop Systems reflects new thinking about a lot more than just the unique body design. Triton's engineers have incorporated several innovative features with instant appeal for woodworkers.

  • No more stooping under the router table: A through-the-table winder handle lets you easily change the height of your router bit from above the table. Simply insert the winder handle from above the table and rotate it to raise or lower the height of the router bit. (You'll need to create an access hole in your router insert drop-in plate or table that you've attached the router to.)
  • Rack & pinion plunge drive: Rotating the right handle one full revolution drives the router up or down through its entire plunge range (2-5/16"). This makes depth setting fast, positive and downright easy in either hand-held or table-mounted configuration. Press a button in the handle to disengage the rack & pinion and employ ordinary manual plunge action. A built-in micro-adjuster works anywhere within the plunge range when rack and pinion drive mode is selected.
  • One-wrench bit change below the base: The collet can be plunged 5/8" beyond the router base, automatically engaging a spindle lock and simultaneously locking off the power switch to make accidental start-up impossible. This leaves you free to wield the collet wrench one-handed while holding the bit or steadying the router with the other hand. It may be hard to believe until you see it, but changing bits in table-mounted mode is even easier than in hand-held mode. The collet's extraordinary protrusion means the system works flawlessly with drop-in subbases up to 1/2" thick, letting you work out in the open above the table surface. Incidentally, the spindle can be locked without plunging the collet all the way down, though you'll have to remove one of the dust shields to do so.
  • Quick release return spring: The rack & pinion system works quite well in table mode without altering the router, but if you prefer to remove the plunge return spring all you have to do is twist a knob to pop the spring out or reinstall it for hand-held work.
  • Effective dust control: Since you don't need access to the collet above the base, Triton has attached chip shields both front and back, with a vacuum port built in for efficient waste collection during surface routing.
  • Easily adjusted plunge stop turret: Individual stops on the rotating turret are easily set where you want them, with direct reading calibration for fast simplicity.
  • Unique edge guide/circle jig/extended base plate: Standard equipment includes an easily installed base plate that nearly doubles the router's footprint (12" x 8"), a real boon to stability when you're routing edges hand-held with large bits. A detachable fence turns the base plate into an edge guide, and a pivot pin turns it into a circle cutting jig.
  • Triton's soft-start motor: (13 amps) runs the router at speeds from 8,000 to 21,000 RPM, with constant torque regardless of load. Total weight is 10-1/2 lbs. Standard equipment in addition to the edge guide system includes a 1/4" x 1/2" collet adapter. 1-year warranty.

All of us who have worked with this machine have been mightily impressed. Its appeal is obvious even to a beginner, but here's one thing for sure: the more you know about routers, the more you'll like Triton.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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