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Why sharpen tools with waterstones? You will find waterstones cut very quickly and produce superior quality cutting edges. Waterstones are also among the best all-around value for general purpose tool sharpening, they offer a large range of grit sizes to fit your task and are a very affordable compared to many sharpening stones. The waterstones we offer are man made; their abrasive is sieved for accurate grit size and freedom from impurities. We offer traditional Japanese style waterstones and waterstones from Norton. Our selection of waterstones includes combination stones, single stones by grit and sets with the variety best suited for the sharpening needs of woodworkers. Get details on The Care & Use of Waterstones and Instructions on Flattening Sharpening Stones.

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Norton 1000x/8000x Combination Waterstone 156618
Norton Combination Waterstones
Price: Starting at $59.00
Norton Waterstones
Norton Waterstones
Price: Starting at $40.00
Sun Tiger Waterstone Gouge Slips
Sun Tiger Waterstone Gouge Slips
Price: Starting at $37.00
Standard Waterstone - 8000 Grit 426407
King Super Finish Waterstones
Price: Starting at $33.00
King Deluxe Waterstone - 800 grit
King Deluxe Waterstone
Price: Starting at $28.50
Waterstone Holder 426461
Waterstone Holder
Price: $24.00
1000 Grit Carver's Slipstone Set 426462
King Carver's Slipstone Set - 1000 Grit
Price: $21.99
Our Price: $17.57
Combination Waterstone, Medium 1000/6000 Grit 426429
King Combination Waterstones
Price: Starting at $17.00
Japanese Slipstones
Sun Tiger Slipstones
Price: Starting at $16.00
King Nagura Stone
King Nagura Stone
Price: $9.50
Japanese Mini Slipstones
King Mini Slipstones
Price: Starting at $8.50
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