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Wood News Online™ Woodworking Tip 2014 Archive

  • Number 112, December 2014  —  2014 Gift Guide  —  Project Idea: Broken Hockey Stick Bench  —  The Great Sawbo - Part 3  —  New Winter Catalog  —  Electric Bass Guitar Build - Part 5  —  Finishing: Cold Weather Finishing  —  Fox Chapel Book Specials  —  Half Price Clearance  —  Book Review: The Perfect Edge  —  Exquisite 4" Marking Gauge  —  Adrian Burleigh's Tool Constructions  —  Wilson Lee's Beautiful Carvings  —  Sticks in the Mud Woodworking Tips  —  Q:A Different Sized Workbenches  —  Safety: Quit While You're Ahead  —  Mike Lawrence's Woodworking Shop  —  The Down to Earth Woodworker  —  Sjobergs Elite Workbenches  —  Festool Vecturo Oscillating Tool System  —  Tool Review: Micro-Jig GRR-Rip Block  —  The Highland Woodworker: Holiday Tool Show  —  Blog: Awesome Responsibility of Being a Grandpa  —  The Book of Plates by André-Jacob Roubo

  • Number 111, November 2014  —  Pathfinder Wooden Toy Kits  —  Roy Underhill's Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker  —  Project Idea: Advent Calendar  —  The Great Sawbo - Part 2  —  Pay It Forward - Fred West Tool Chest  —  Electric Bass Guitar Build - Part 4  —  Finishing: Sanding Between Coats  —  Fox Chapel Book Specials  —  Make a Wooden Smooth Plane Class  —  Sterling Plane Hammer  —  Texas Heritage Classic Canvas Apron  —  Ira Penn's Woodworking Projects  —  Bruce Kinney's Carving Projects  —  Sticks in the Mud Woodworking Tips  —  Sharpening Steel Uses  —  Safety: Adjusting Bandsaw Height  —  Eric Commarato's Woodworking Shop  —  The Down to Earth Woodworker  —  Hock Kitchen Knife Sets  —  Magswitch Workholding System  —  Tool Review: Starrett Combination Square  —  The Highland Woodworker: New Episode  —  Blog: Back to the Workship Series  —  Axiom Precision Professional CNC

  • Number 110, October 2014  —  Make a Wooden Smooth Plane Class with Scott Meek  —  Sterling Plane Hammer  —  Steven Durkee's Inlay Projects  —  Timothy Brennan's Carving Projects  —  Sticks in the Mud Woodworking Tips  —  Safety: Visitors in the Shop - Revisited  —  Sharpening a Pfeil Bowl Adze  —  Finishing: Blotching  —  Weekend Woodturning Projects Book Review  —  The Down to Earth Woodworker  —  Article Submissions Wanted  —  Lie-Nielsen Scrapers  —  Article Submissions Wanted  —  Woodworking in America Highlights  —  The Highland Woodworker: New Episode  —  Electric Bass Guitar Build: Part 3  —  Tool Review: Klemmsia Cam-Action Clamp  —  David Lane's Woodworking Shop  —  Product Tour: The Galbert Drawsharp  —  Blog: Homemade Bowl Blanks  —  Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest  —  The Great Sawbo  —  Flexibility on the Design Build Curve  —  Woodpeckers One-Piece T-Squares  —  Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Jig  —  Axiom Precision Professional CNC

  • Number 109, September 2014  —  Hand Tool Joinery Class with Frank Klausz  —  Benchcrafted Classic Leg Vise  —  Duane Holmes Veneering and Inlay  —  Sticks in the Mud Woodworking Tips  —  Safety: Cutting Small Parts  —  Protecting Finish from the Dogs  —  Finishing: Spontaneous Combustion  —  New Woodworking Catalog  —  Fox Chapel Book Specials  —  Blog: The Village Carpenter  —  Video Tour of Highland Woodworking  —  Lie-Nielsen 271 Small Router Planes  —  Preview Episode of The Highland Woodworker  —  Article Submissions Wanted  —  Woodworking in America  —  Building the Neck of a Bass Guitar  —  Project Ideas: Wine Glass Cabinet  —  The Down to Earth Woodworker  —  Glenn Miller's Woodworking Shop  —  New Elipse Dust Mask  —  Flexible Arm Magnetic LED Work Light  —  Woodpeckers OneTime Tool  —  Lie-Nielsen/Tormek Sweepstakes Winner  —  Tool Review: Lenox Tri-Master Carbide-Tipped Bandsaw Blade  —  Book Review: Complete Manual of Woodworking

  • Number 108, August 2014  —  Build a Tool Storage Box  —  Zack Schaffer's Woodworking Projects  —  Peter Burrowes' Wood Carvings  —  Sticks in the Mud Woodworking Tips  —  Blog: Beginning Woodturning Class  —  Safety: Stress-Free Workshop  —  Kreg Rip-Cut Tool Review  —  Jeff Miller's Designing Chairs Video Interview  —  Building an Electric Bass Guitar  —  The Down to Earth Woodworker  —  Stain Conditioner Finishing  —  Highland Woodworker Summer TV Episode  —  Lie-Nielsen #5 Jack Plane  —  Woodturning with a Cause  —  Finishing: Gilding Powders  —  Knew Concept Saws  —  Rikon 25-200H Helical Planer-Jointer  —  Premium Router Bits for CNC Machines  —  Earlex Gemini Spray Station  —  Triton 2 HP Router  —  Book Review: Wood Pallet Projects

  • Number 107, July 2014  —  Natural Edge Bowl Turning  —  Jim Mossoney's Woodworking Projects  —  Pierre Vigneux's Wood Carvings  —  Sticks in the Mud Woodworking Tips  —  Blog: "Hands" the DVD Collection  —  Safety: Power-Off Foot Switch  —  Veritas Bench Hold Down Tool Review  —  How to Coil a Bandsaw Blade Video Demonstration  —  Creating a Curly Maple Handle for a Custom Japanese Hammer Head  —  The Down to Earth Woodworker  —  Highland Woodworker Summer TV Episode  —  Lie-Nielsen Bench Planes  —  Make Your Own Saw Bench  —  Finishing: 3D Finish  —  Radial Arm Saws  —  Wood Carving Instruction with Chris Pye  —  Reddit Online Woodworking Forum  —  Premium Router Bits for CNC Machines  —  Collins Coping Foot for Jigsaws  —  Fox Chapel Book Specials  —  Book Review: Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood  — 

  • Number 106, June 2014  —  Beginning Character Carving  —  Mike DiCarlo's Woodworking Projects  —  Philip Malenfant's Wood Carvings  —  Sticks in the Mud Woodworking Resources Tips  —  Blog: MWA Woodworkers Safety Day  —  Safety: A lot on your mind  —  Knew Concepts Titanium Fret Saw Tool Review  —  Aluminum Coping Saw and Birdcage Fret Saw Video Tour  —  Howard Boehm's Garage Shop  —  The Down to Earth Woodworker  —  Highland Woodworker TV Episode  —  Lie-Nielsen No. 101 Bronze Violin Maker's Block Plane  —  Getting the Best from Your Dovetail Jig  —  Japanese Chisel: Does Hand-Made Equal Perfect?  —  Cutting Wet, Pressure Treated Wood on the SawStop  —  Finishing: Chemical Safety  —  New SLYDE Combination Flashlight  —  Father's Day Easy Wood Tool Sale  —  Festool Cooltainer Cooler  —  Book Review: Campaign Furniture  — 

  • Number 105, May 2014  —  Introduction to Chip Carving  —  Fine Woodworking DVD Archive  —  Thomas Jones Woodworking Projects  —  Shar Troost's detailed wood carvings  —  The Bayou Giveth and the Bayou Taketh Away  —  TWENTY ways to avoid tablesaw injury  —  Jim Randolph's benefits of using CFL's  —  Kunz Plus Bench Plane Video Tour  —  Robert Schweiger's "Retirement Shop"  —  Lie-Nielsen 60-1/2RN Low Angle Rabbet Block Plane  —  April Web TV Episode  —  The Down to Earth Woodworker  —  Australian Workshop from Down Under  —  Understanding Lithium-Ion Batteries  —  Forrest Dado King Set  —  Finishing: Stripping Basics  —  Festool Domino Joiner  —  Kreg K5 Jig  —  Rikon 14 inch Bandsaw Package Deal  —  Book Review: To Make as Pefectly as Possible —  Tool Review: MicroJig Grr-Ripper Advanced GR-200 System

  • Number 104, April 2014  —  Product review: Earlex HV5500 Spray Station  —  Review of the JDS 2 HP Cyclone Dust Collector  —  Book review: Handsaw Essentials by Christopher Schwarz  —  Charlie Bridges; Canadian woodworking shop  —  Joseph Sanzano's shaking woodworking projects  —  Serge Jacob's carved devils, etc.  —  Jim Randolph deals with moisture in his air compressor  —  Photo gallery of Peter Galbert chair class at Highland  —  Roger Webb's tip on where to keep the fire extinguisher in your shop  —  Lie-Nielsen 102 Low-Angle Block Plane  —  Michael Smith completes his workshop  —  John App's workshop off the grid in Hawaii  —  Lee Laird resharpens a Japanese Ryoba’s Rip Teeth  —  Making span trees  —  Painted finishes  —  SawStop rebate offer ending April 30, 2014  —  New Narex Boxed Set of 6 Premium Chisels  —  NEW Rikon 10-351 3 HP Professional Bandsaw  —  MicroDial Tapering Jig  —  Understanding Wood Finishing by Bob Flexner

  • Number 103, March 2014  —  Pat Ring's veneer and inlay projects  —  David Tidwell's bird and fish carvings  —  Sticks in the Mud battery tips  —  Building a Wooden Square  —  No Long Sleeves in the Workshop  —  ProCarpenter Left &Right Reading Tape —  Christopher Schwarz WebTV  —  The Wee Workshop  —  Down to Earth Woodworker: LED Replacement  —  Don Henderson's Shop  —  Lie-Nielsen Froe  —  Book Review: Why We Make Things and Why It Matters —  How I Started Woodworking  —  Maloof Sculptured Rocker  —  Finish Durability  —  SawStop Promo  —  Kreg Automaxx Face Clamp  —  Kreg Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

  • Number 102, February 2014  —  Mike Stafford's bedroom furniture projects  —  Don Schneider's exquisite carvings  —  Dust safety and collection filters  —  Cutting plywood on the tablesaw  —  Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps review  —  Get Woodworking Week  —  Jim Brown's workshop  —  Lie-Nielsen Dowel Plate  —  Down to Earth Woodworker: dust collection  —  Pennsylvania Step-back Cupboard  —  Building a thickness sander and re-saw jig  —  Book Review: The Woodwright's Guide by Roy Underhill —  Sharpening Wood Slicer blades?  —  Using India Ink  —  Fine Woodworking Magazine Archive  —  Bora Straight Edge Clamp  —  Festool Planex Drywall Sander  —  How I Built a Wooden Smoothing Plane

  • Number 101, January 2014  —  Martin Rosen's wooden people sculptures  —  Donald Straka's nature carvings  —  Workshop visitor alert  —  Tablesaw safety tip  —  Workshop Design Part 3: Storage Options, Electricity, and HVAC  —  Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig video  —  How to Become a More Organized Woodworker  —  Greg Pennington's timber frame workshop  —  Lie-Nielsen Small Chisel Plane  —  Organizing your jigs  —  My last workshop: Final Inspection  —  Wixey Digital Protractor  —  Book Review: Hybrid Woodworking by The Wood Whisperer  —  Okay to combine finishing products?  —  Wipe-On varnish  —  New Rikon 25-200H Helical Planer-Jointer  —  Tormek T-3 Wet Grinder special  —  Making a Zero Clearance Insert for a Table Saw  —  New Steel City 8 inch Industrial Low Speed Bench Grinder  —  Woodworking as Functional Art by Stephen Winer

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