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Here's My Woodcarving!
By Don Francis
Liberty Hill, TX

I recently carved this for a friend of mine that plays and makes violins.

I drifted very slowly into woodworking, first repairing items and building things out of necessity. The first pieces of furniture I created were things my daughters needed for their apartments during college: a bookcase, a stand for a television, and a bunk bed with a futon underneath. I later built a commissioned replica dry sink for a co-worker that saw one on the internet she liked. That's when I came to the realization that I was a woodworker. Since then I have made many pieces of furniture for family, friends, and our church. I have also done some DIY carpentry such as our garage and carport combination to replace the garage which I now use as my workshop.

My carvings started while working for a fellow engineer that was of Swedish decent. He and his father were prolific woodcarvers. He gave me the incentive to start carving by providing a band sawed armadillo blank and a couple of knives. Since then, I have carved and whittled many small pieces for myself and others. The most elaborate piece was a recent one entitled "Phiddlosophy", seen above, for my friend that plays the violin and recently completed his first violin construction.

Below are a few other carvings I've made.

A University of Texas Hook'em hand I made a few years ago for my first daughter when
she graduated from UT. I have made several of these for other UT grads.

A picture of a dachshund I carved for my younger daughter a year ago.
She had seen such a carving and suggested I make one.

A rendition of Mickey Mouse I did for my father. He was born the same year
Mickey Mouse was first created.

One of several cowboy carvings I have done. My boss that got me into carving
carves a lot of cowboy figures.

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