Building a Maloof-Inspired Rocking Chair

Charles Brock forwarded us this note from Lee Fox, a proud student of his from Texas who built a Maloof-style rocker after taking the first class that Charles taught at Highland Woodworking last year:

For several years, I had the dream of building a Maloof-style rocker, but I did not know where or how to start. I searched the internet on several occasions to see if I could find a book or some plans to get me started. I was unsuccessful until early last year when I found out about a class being offered by Charles Brock at Highland Woodworking in July of 2008. I immediately signed up for the seminar and made my way from Texas to Atlanta. At the seminar, I bought a set of plans and took many pictures and notes. This gave me the confidence to attempt the building of my own chair. After I returned home, I found two large slabs of 8/4 walnut at a local sawmill. Somewhere in those slabs of walnut I found the parts to build my Maloof-style rocker (see photo at right). Without the seminar and the plans, I would not have been able to build this chair.

If you want to build this chair, I would recommend several things: First, attend the seminar. Take lots of pictures and notes and ask lots of questions about anything that you do not understand. I found Mr. Brock to be more than willing to answer my questions and share his knowledge and experience with me. I also would highly recommend that you practice all of the joints in this chair before you cut the final joints. The joints are not extremely difficult, but they are unique and should not be attempted until you have practiced them in some scrap wood first. Refer to your pictures often and study them carefully. Finally, take your time and do not get in a hurry. You are building a heirloom and you must give it the proper time it deserves. Think through each step and plan your execution carefully. Concentrate and work purposefully. If you do these things you will not be disappointed.

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