Given that you have enough space to do either, what is the best way to store lumber in your shop: vertically or horizontally?


We're guessing you mean the storage of seasoned wood. If that's the case, vertically is probably best for convenience sake since you can more easily leaf through the boards to select the ones for a particular project. Vertical storage over time could, however, lead to some bowing due to the varied length and weight of the boards. (Not good unless you don't mind curved boards.)

Horizontally-stored boards are stacked upon each other in rows and can require some heavy lifting to get a peek at figure and grain. Stored horizontally, the boards occupy a large swath of useful space at waist level and may require a ladder at head level. But you have indicated that space is not an issue in this exercise.

If boards are stored horizontally, they need to be properly "stickered" to help distribute the weight of the stack evenly and maintain proper air circulation.

Sooo, is there a correct answer? A quick survey of the staff here at the store resulted in a belief that horizontal storage is best in the long run. That said, we store and display all of our lumber vertically here at the store, primarily for reasons of space and especially for customer convenience in browsing among the boards.

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