I just read "Axes: Timber Framing Tools of the Trade" in the January issue of Wood News and it got me to wondering. I have very little call for an axe or hatchet, so what would be the best type to keep on hand in my shop for when a need arises?

Thanks, Kenn H


Dear Kenn,

Thanks for your question regarding the best type of axe or hatchet for your workshop.

For general use in the woodworking shop a carpenter's axe would be the best choice. Our Gransfors Bruks Carpenter's Axe has a straight edge and thin blade with a low angle of bevel that is ideal for dry wood. There is an inward curve on the hand-forged head that allows the axe to be gripped in a position enabling maximum control when cutting, paring, and using like a knife. Of course, you can hold the axe at any location along the handle to achieve the leverage and balance needed for the task at hand. At 1.5 lbs. and 17.5", this axe is light enough for prolonged use and just the right size for indoor work. Finally, the axe poll is ground with a very gentle curve that can be used as a hammer. All in all, a very versatile tool.

That said, if a band of bloodthirsty Vikings threatens to invade your workshop, you might best be served with our Nordic Battle Axe .

Happy chopping,

Sam Rieder
Highland Woodworking

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