How could your tiny can of furniture wax possibly be worth the $24.99 that you charge? I'm talking about your ridiculously expensive Renaissance Wax. Who buys this stuff?


Well, we agree that at first glance Renaissance Wax seems incredibly expensive. Indeed, say you needed an entire gallon of it. Buying it in our 200 ml cans, not quite half a pint each, that gallon would cost almost $500!

Renaissance Wax Fortunately an entire gallon of Renaissance Wax would probably be enough to last one woodworker many, many lifetimes. For example, one of our favorite turning instructors uses Renaissance Wax often as the final coat on his turned bowls, but still has a lot left in the original small can he bought from us over 8 years ago.

(As they used to say in the Brylcreem commercials 50 years ago,
"A little dab'll do ya!" )

The secret to Renaissance Wax lies in its micro-crystalline formula that allows you to achieve an extremely hard, thin coating of astonishing durability that creates excellent resistance to water, alcohol and even fingerprints. We use it not just on furniture, but even more to protect our steel and cast iron tools (ranging from knives and hand planes to machine tables and jointer beds) from rust and corrosion while it also creates an almost frictionless surface where it's applied on the tool.

Excuse us for being so passionate about this little can of wax. We think that if you use it a few times yourself, you'll quickly agree that it's a genuine value, and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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