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Until now my woodworking has been done mostly using power tools. I'd like to see what it's like working wood with high quality hand tools. I'm curious about your Lie-Nielsen planes. If I were to start with one or two planes, which ones would you recommend?


We asked Thomas Lie-Nielsen his opinion on this kind of question a while back. He told us:

"The single most useful tool is a Low Angle Block Plane . We have several, and any of them would be used every day in the shop.

"Next, I would consider our Low Angle Jack Plane . It is a very versatile tool, and in many people's hands it can double as a smoothing plane. It is also a unique tool with no other equivalent. With those two tools you can do a lot of work."

Thomas Lie-Nielsen will be teaching at the Atlanta Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event held at Peach State Lumber in Kennesaw, GA on Friday and Saturday, May 7-8, 2010. CLICK HERE for more information

Here's a nice video tour of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, narrated by Tom Lie-Nielsen:

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