Canadian Woodworker Vern Fish builds award winning Maloof Inspired Rocker


Just an update to let you know that your guidance and plans have earned me (and You) significant local recognition.

I have been, for several years, a member of the Muskoka Arts and Crafts, a group of over 300 artists and craftspersons working in all media within the Muskoka Lakes Vacation Land of Ontario. I finished my Rocker early in March, which I had started just before Christmas with significant dedication on weekends to complete the task.

For the last 33 years MAC has had an Annual Spring Members' Show and it was my intent to submit the Cherry Rocker as one of my entries, knowing full well that it would be noticed and It was, well beyond my expectations.

At the awards presentation on opening night it earned The Silver Bridge Gallery Award for Best Use of Media, chosen by the invited judges for the event.

The Members of MAC vote for their choice of Best Work in the Show and I was ecstatic when they chose the Rocking Chair for "The Doug Gatcke Award for Members' Choice for the Best Work in the Show".

Throughout the 3 days visitors to the show vote for "The Peoples Choice Award". This award is not announced until after the show is over and the votes are tallied. Sam's inspiration and your direction deserve to share in me earning "The People's Choice Award for the Best Work in the Show".

Chuck, I was thrilled when I completed the Rocker with the help of your package, but needless to say overwhelmed with the recognition of my peers and the public.

Again Thank You, and I look forward to my next Rocker in Walnut, which I have just ordered the material for.

Kudos to You,


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