Tips for Avoiding Furniture Damage

by Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

A lot of the furniture we see that has been damaged by moving companies or the owners usually could have been easily avoided. Tops of chests torn off, pedestal legs crushed, fingernail scratches in the finish and bed rails that are broken in half. The list goes on.

Here are a few tips to help avoid damaging your furniture during use or when it must be moved.

  1. Never pick up any piece by the top. This is a sure way to rip a top off.
  2. Never stack furniture when moving if at all possible. Especially on the tops of tables with pedestals. If you have to stack be sure the piece on the bottom can handle the load.
  3. Never drag heavy pieces with legs more than a couple of inches long like sideboards, servers and upholstered chairs. Another great way to tear off a leg.
  4. We see a lot of finger nail damage due to candle wax. Always use a credit card to gently remove as much wax as you can from a table top but don't let the card touch the finish. Use mineral spirits and a clean cloth to desolve the final last little bit then dry with a clean soft cloth.
  5. Beds and upholstered pieces are for sleeping and sitting respectively. They are not trampolines.
  6. Avoid using dining chairs without stretchers between the legs on carpet. When sitting in a chair on carpet the carpet actually "grabs" the legs and will not let the chair move as it would on a hardwood floor thus causing the joints to come loose or even break.
  7. Before moving anything be sure you can handle the weight. This will avoid a piece from being dropped and your back will love you for it.

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