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July 2010 Issue No. 1

              ..... And Then There were Two!
Last summer my first instructional bundle titled "Build A Maloof Inspired Rocker" debuted. I have been amazed at the reception for the instructional DVD, book and full size pattern bundle. It has sold to woodworkers in every state of the union as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Taiwan and Israel. I have received pictures of finished rockers from countless fine woodworkers whom I call Rock'NChairmen for their achievements in building their dream rocker. I am so proud of every customer and every Rock'nChairMan. Thank you so much!   
Steve Kratzer's Rocker
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This summer I am proud to announce the second in the "Build Maloof Inspired Furniture" Series , "Build A Maloof Inspired Low-Back Dining Chair with Charles Brock". Sam was most proud of his low-back dining chair. The design is more contemporary than the rocker in many ways with the compound curves of the sweeping arms flowing into an elegant low-backrest. The organic appeal of this chair and the fun of carving it will push your woodworking to a new level. The DVD & book contain some new methods for teaching chair sculpture . My goal is to help every aspiring chairmaker with finding the lines and contours that bring out the artist in you!
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Rocker Seven-Day Class August 3-9 FULL
Low-Back Dining Chair  Five-Day Class September 27-October 1 TWO OPENINGS
Rocker Seven-Day Class January

Rocker Review
editor Megan Fitzpatrick interviewed Brad Ferguson about blogging the build of his "Maloof  Inspired Rocker". -Read the Article and See Brad's Rocker-
  Tip of the Month
Use of a small router plane is almost essential when crafting tight fitting leg to seat joinery in the Maloof inspired tradition. Setting the depth can be problematic but you can easily remove paper thin shavings with the help of two pieces of paper. Yes paper thin shavings with paper. Place a piece on each side of the dado. Set the router plane down straddling the dado with the iron loose and bottomed out in the dado. Tighten the knob (Thomas Lie-Nielsen says to use a screw driver) and cut with the grain (you are cutting cross grain but looking at the end grain you can usually see grain movement). You should have paper thin shavings and a better fit!
Tool of the Month 
ACU-ARC Curve Ruler
The cyma curve is a flattened s-curve which is most easily drawn with my Acu-Arc Curve Ruler. When I look at my bench at the end of any lay-out work I find this tool on my bench because it works.

This wickedly clever device vastly simplifies the process of either measuring or drawing curves with radii between 7" and 200". Loosen the knob, bend the edge to conform to the curve required (whether on a drawing or an existing part), tighten the knob and read the radius indicated by the pointer. You're now ready to duplicate the curve, or, if working from a scale drawing, reset ACU-ARC to the proper scale for your work. Indicator also finds (or sets) center line of any arc. Working edge is approximately 12" long.
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