Dilo Fernandino's Solo Exhibition in Brazil

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We are delighted to report that Dilo Fernandino, a previously little-known master wood craftsman from Brazil, is now receiving some of the recognition that he so richly deserves. The first article that Dilo contributed to Wood News excited our readers everywhere when they learned that he had created marvelous baroque-inspired masterpieces in rosewood while working by hand in a tiny shop that occupies a closet only 42 square feet in area.

In Dilo's words:

It all started in December 2008 when I submitted my first article to Wood News Online for your consideration. During 2009 I wrote four articles that appeared in Wood News and also joined the Lumberjocks website.

The warm reception and effusive support that I received from woodworkers around the world encouraged me to submit an exhibition proposal to my social club in Belo Horizonte, Brazil (Minas Tenis Clube — a very important one). I was also encouraged to look for appropriate ways to address my culture's historical prejudice against manual craftsmanship such as my own work. Finally, my solo exhibition was approved for a one-month period. Its title is "The Baroque in Rosewoood – A Life of Research". The opening is on February 4, 2010. So I thank you again and again for our successful "joint-venture" and take the opportunity to send you the official invitation (attached).

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Dilo Marcio Fernandino

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Dilo can be reached via email at dilofernandino@gmail.com

Visit Dilo's woodworking website at www.carving-in-wood.com .

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