Here's My Stuff!

by Jim Frantz
San Diego, CA

Originally from Chicago, IL, I now live in San Diego, CA (the city with the world's finest weather) with Patty, my super wife of 40 years, and my daughter Tina. After a 20+ year career in the US Navy driving submarines, I'm now a Software Engineer by trade.

Besides woodworking, my other hobby is cooking (particularly on the ol' BBQ). I hope to retire in a few years and spend some more time on these fun things.

I enjoy making custom furniture best of all, but I'll make wooden toys now and again, both for my grand children and for the woodworking club.

woodworking tools
This was built for my grandson. It is built
of solid red oak with walnut trim.
woodworking tools
This photo was taken just a few days before Christmas. It was too hard to keep the motorcycle hidden until Christmas morning,
so here he is.
woodworking tools
The San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association has a toy
program by which members make various toys which then
get donated to various charities, such as Children's hospital.
I built this fleet of wooden trucks from scraps of cherry, mahogany, sapele, and maple.
woodworking tools
This is one of my favorite pieces. The picture just
doesn't do it justice. This blanket chest is made from
solid walnut and the bottoms of the drawers and
chest are lined with aromatic cedar.

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