Show Us Your Shop!

by Tom Soles
Washington, D.C.

This is my shop in the heart of a residential section of Washington, D.C. (about 4 blocks from the Vice President's home.) I am a retired school teacher and spend much of my time in my shop working on many different things. It is heated with a wood stove and electric heat. The shop started its life as a sculpture studio and evolved into a private woodworking shop. Much of my work is spent on the restoration of Stanley hand planes and Disston hand saws.

woodworking tools
Workbench area
(rocking chair very important)
woodworking tools
Drill press area
(4 x 5 window looking to garden)
woodworking tools
Robland X31 combination saw, shaper, planer,
jointer, and mortiser
woodworking tools
Back of shop with 8x12 sliding door
opening to alley
woodworking tools
File storage hinged to open to
storage bins behind
woodworking tools
Swinging door to Men Only rest room
(with too many paint cans on the floor).
Drop down 36" TV over sandblast cabinet
woodworking tools
Custom built work bench made from
salvaged parts
woodworking tools
Sharpening area
(beer fridge to far right)
woodworking tools
Walnut slide out cabinets for hand saws,
planes, drills
woodworking tools
Antique handsaw collection on back of
flatware storage cabinet

Tom can be reached via email at .

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