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Bharatanatyam Dancer The Flowing Forms of Furniture Artist & Sculptor Sabiha Mujtaba
Blending her talents as a master craftsperson and designer, Sabiha Mujtaba creates original custom wood furniture and art pieces. While adhering to the functional principles of furniture making, Sabiha's primary focus is on the aesthetic relationship between rigid and flowing forms. Her work is influenced by her South Asian heritage and by her love of nature and organic forms.
Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, Sabiha was raised and educated in London, England. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1981 where she apprenticed at Sutherland Studios, a nationally renowned custom furniture studio. In 1986 she opened her own studio, Chrysalis Woodworks, which today operates from the basement garage of her home.
Sabiha's work is part of several private collections and has been exhibited in various shows, galleries, museums and publications. She has also been a featured artist on the Discovery Channel's "Lynette Jenning Designs," a nationwide televised program on homes and interiors. Visit her website at www.chrysaliswoodworks.com.

Highland Hardware is pleased to present Sabiha's class, "Introduction to Relief Carving", this month, and her workshop, "Sculptural Studio Furniture Carving", in the Tage Frid Seminar Room this October. We had the opportunity to speak with Sabiha from her studio in Clarkston, Georgia.

Read our interview with Sabiha

View a slideshow of Sabiha's work

Georgia Association of Woodturners

Calling Atlanta Turners
The Georgia Association of Woodturners (GAW) is dedicated to providing education, information and organization to those interested in woodturning. GAW services those in the metro-Atlanta area.
We meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm at Highland Hardware. Meetings are open to all.
Enter through the loading dock at the rear of the building and go upstairs. Remember, Highland Hardware closes at 6pm, so come early to shop!


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Relief Carving Class 991213 Introduction to Relief Carving with Sabiha Mujtaba

Friday, Sept. 16
Saturday, Sept. 17
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Hollow Vessels Class 991209 Turning Hollow Vessels with Frank Bowers

Saturday & Sunday
Sept. 24 & 25
Item# 991209

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Alan Noel's Finishing Corner
Blotching & Washcoats

One of the most frustrating aspects of finishing wood is achieving an even color when staining large areas on pieces such as dressers, bookcases, chests and tabletops.
Blotching can be a problem when staining softer woods such as pine or aspen, and can also be particularly troublesome on the harder woods such as maple and birch.
To avoid these problems there are a couple of steps that can be taken to control the amount of blotching that occurs, or at least keep it to a bare minimum.
First, evenly sand all areas to be stained, repeating all steps in all areas. Second, prior to staining, apply a "washcoat" of some type to keep the stain penetration even over the entire surface. One such ready-made product is Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner (8545988). Or, you can make your own by thinning out a finishing material such as shellac, lacquer or varnish to the consistency of water.

Hand Finishing

Ask the Staff
E-mail us at woodnews@highlandhardware.com with your woodworking or finishing questions. Selected questions will be answered in future issues. If your question is selected for publication, we'll send you a free Highland Hardware hat.

Question: I have a client wanting a dining table with virtually no finish, but she also favors wood species with fairly large pores like jatoba, padauk and wenge. My concern is finding a finish that offers some protection from the inevitable spills, but also one that will be food safe and easily maintained. Additionally, it must prevent food from lodging in the pores in order to avoid stains, bacteria, etc., but have the look of an old linseed oil finish.

Does such a product exist? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Shop Smock 199901

Hot New Item
Shop Smock

Some of us remember our fathers and shop teachers donning a shop coat before working in the shop. While not necessarily stylish, the shop coats were very practical. Today many woodturners and carvers wear smocks as a smart way to protect their street duds while in the shop.
Our shop smock is made from lightweight nylon and has an open mesh under the arms to keep you cool. With a zippered front, this full-cut garment is easy to put on and take off. When zipped up all the way, the stretch fabric on the back of the collar allows it to fit snugly but comfortably around your neck to keep out wood chips. A large flap-covered shirt pocket adorns the front of the smock along with our hand plane logo. Two more handy pockets are cleverly located on the back to prevent them from getting filled with dust and chips.
Item# 199901

From the Wood News Archives
The following article was originally published in
Wood News No. 16, Fall 1985.

Japanese Woodworkers What Am I & How Old Am I?
by Tom Frazer

In Kyoto, Japan, a few supreme artisans such as woodworker Isaburo Wada still ply their craft in a timeless tempo known as "Kyoto time".

For more than a thousand years, Kyoto was the capital of Japan. As such, her rulers attracted the most skilled artisans, and slowly, over the centuries, the city became a repository of the highest expression of artistic endeavor.

By good fortune, I was invited to Japan last fall by that country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was able to meet Wada and other Japanese woodworkers, as well as most of the master toolmakers of Miki City.


Highland Hardware Fall Tent Sale & Tool Festival
Saturday, October 22, 2005
9am - 4pm
Rain or Shine!
Highland Hardware Tent Sale

Highland Hardware
1045 N. Highland Ave., NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30306

You're invited to spend a festive day with us as we host our semi-annual tent sale and tool demonstration. We'll have vendors on hand showing off their latest & greatest products, as well as sale pricing on hundreds of our most popular items, free refreshments, free demonstrations and door prizes.

The wealth of restaurants and shops in Virginia-Highlands will keep the whole family fed & entertained all day, so pack everybody in the car and come on down to your favorite woodworking store!


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