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Build a Shaker-Style Table with Jim Dillon Build a Shaker-Style Table with Jim Dillon

Oct. 24-26
6:00pm to 9:00pm
Class Size: 6
Tuition: $250
Item# 991472

In this intensive hands-on class, Jim will show you how to use flat panel fabrication, floating tenon joinery & leg tapering to build a Shaker-style side table you'll be proud to take home, ready for finishing.

Making Dovetails Under Power with Tony Suess Making Dovetails Under Power with Tony Suess

Saturday, Oct. 28
Class Size: 20
Tuition: $75
Item# 991462

During this class, Tony will give you some insight into what some consider is the most intimidating piece of woodworking equipment on the market - the Dovetail Jig - and teach you what all those dials, knobs, & levers are all about.

Antique Restoration Workshop with Alan Noel Antique Restoration Workshop with Alan Noel

Saturday & Sunday
Oct. 28 & 29
9:00am to 4:00pm
Class Size: 8
Tuition: $250
Item# 991446

In his own shop, Alan will demonstrate how the pros refinish & restore an antique piece of furniture to its former glory. He'll disassemble the piece where necessary, prep the wood surface for staining & color-matching, then choose & apply the finish most suitable for the piece.

Turning Platters with Frank Bowers Turning Platters with Frank Bowers

Sunday, Oct. 29
Class Size: 8
Tuition: $95
Item# 991448

This class will focus on turning plates & platters. You' learn how to select, prepare & chuck the wood for turning. Frank will discuss tools commonly used, bevel angles, sharpening & cutting techniques. You'll evaluate various rim designs & then turn several pieces.

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Alan Noel's Finishing Corner

Alan Noel Headlights

Every so often an antique chest or some other piece will come into my shop for restoration with some or all of the brass hardware missing. As you can imagine, finding the matching replacements can be very difficult, if not impossible, when it comes to very old furniture. Often we have no choice other than to replace all of it with the appropriate style of new hardware.

That doesn't mean it has to shine like highbeams on a dark highway however...

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Highland Woodworking Welcomes Back Ernie Conover

Highland Woodworking Welcomes Back Ernie Conover Ernie Conover is the co-designer of the Conover Lathe and has taught thousands of students to turn. He is a highly published author in the woodworking field with seven books, including The Lathe Book , Turning for Furniture , and Turn a Bowl with Ernie Conover . In addition, he has four videos and hundreds of articles to his credit and continues to contribute frequently to woodworking magazines both in the U.S. and abroad.

Ernie's work has received numerous awards and been the subject of several one-man shows. He lectures widely for clubs, trade show groups and woodworking stores and is frequently called upon as a consultant and expert witness in the woodworking field. When not writing, lecturing or consulting Ernie is active in providing academic oversight and teaching at Conover Workshops, a craft school in Parkman, Ohio founded by the Conover family.

Highland Woodworking is delighted to welcome back Ernie Conover on December 2 & 3 to conduct a 2-day seminar, A Woodworking Weekend with Ernie Conover (991458). Ernie's Saturday class, Handplane Basics (991456), will put you on the road to glass smooth surfaces. You'll learn about a host of other useful planes, such as the plow, rabbet, compass and molding planes. A properly working plane is more than just having it sharp - it needs proper alignment and everything in good working condition. Therefore, Ernie will place great emphasis on how to sharpen and tune a plane for optimum performance.

Sunday will consist of Hand Cutting Dovetails (991457). Hand cut dovetails are considered the epitome of craftsmanship. Many fear tackling dovetails, but they are really fun (even relaxing) to cut. After taking this class, the ease at which you will be able to layout and cut dovetails will amaze you. Ernie will show you the pitfalls and details in hand cutting through and half-blind dovetails. This will allow you to make carcasses, drawers and jewelry boxes that invite close inspection. Ernie believes that layout and technique are the keys to speed and efficiency, and gives you foolproof methods for both.

Classes may also be taken individually as one-day seminars.

Brushing Waterbased Finish

Ask the Staff

E-mail us at woodnews@highlandwoodworking.com with your woodworking or finishing questions. Selected questions will be answered in future issues. If your question is selected for publication, we'll send you a free Highland Hardware hat.

Question: I have a gallon of your Hydrocote Resisthane Plus that I am applying with a 2" Purdy polyester brush onto unstained bare wood. The initial coat went down very nicely and I had no problems. The product evens out well, spreads well and is satisfactory in every respect except one – bubbles. Regardless of how I apply any subsequent coat, brushing produces an annoying amount of bubbles (literally 100's) which become entrapped in the finish, necessitating the removal of the recently applied coat.

I have tried applying the product like I apply varnish – same result. It seems not to matter if I apply the Hydrocote in a thin coat, heavy coat, quickly, slowly, brushing it on, laying it on, tipping it off or any other technique; the results are the same. I am very unsatisfied with the results. Please suggest what I should do to achieve a better finish with this product.


Tuning Metal Bench Planes for the Rest of Us

Employee Contribution

Tuning Metal Bench Planes for the Rest of Us
by Chris Black

It's an unfortunate reality that most metal bench planes don't work to their full potential right out of the box, and that a certain amount of tuning needs to be done by the end user. With apologies to all engineer/machinist woodworkers, I will endeavor to explain how to tune a metal bench plane without involving a machine shop or taking up vast amounts of your valuable woodworking time or money. I'll leave out the small stuff like after market blades and accessories. This is by no means the final word on this subject, but maybe you can pick up a thing or two from my many years of making a living with these wonderful tools. If you find my methods rudimentary or crude, let me paraphrase Jim Krenov who said at some point the engineer and artisan must part ways.


Highland Woodworking Blogs

Highland Woodworking Enters the Blogosphere

Just as Highland Woodworking has served as a catalyst in advancing craftsmanship over the years, we are now presented with a new opportunity via the internet to bring woodworkers together and help to ensure future generations of craftsmen flourish.

We recently launched a new blog site, through which we are able to share our vast woodworking resources with all of you, bringing expanded coverage of what's new and interesting in woodworking. With this new forum we can improve the flow of information and communication between us, our customers and the woodworking world at large.

We are adding new blogs weekly, so be sure and visit the site often! Please feel free to jump in and comment on any of our entries. We'd love to hear from you!

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Amana Saw Blades

New! Amana A.G.E. Series Saw Blades

Highland Woodworking is excited to introduce Amana's A.G.E. Series saw blades . These German-made saw blades are significantly less expensive than other professional quality blades, yet deliver impressive performance.

Unlike most so-called 'bargain blades', these are all a full 1/8" thick, have precision ground, resharpenable carbide teeth, good tooth geometry and careful machining. What they lack are heavy advertising, fancy packaging and special coatings. If you don't want to spend a gang of money for specialty tooling like laminate and non-ferrous metal blades, or if you just want a couple of first-rate back ups to your standard blades, then these Amanas are an excellent choice. Now you can afford several specific blades instead of relying on your old combination blade for everything!

See Our Selection of Amana Blades

Highland Woodworking Tormek Giveaway

Tormek Giveaway Winner to be Announced Soon!

Don't forget to visit the Highland Woodworking website on October 16 when we announce the lucky winner of our $2000 Tormek Giveaway !

The winner will also be featured in the November issue of Wood News Online .

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