Highland Woodworking Wood News Online: Going Deep... by Alan Noel
Highland Woodworking Wood News Online Going Deep... by Alan Noel

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Going Deep...

by Alan Noel

Glazed Chest When finishing a project that has carvings or decorative moldings, applying oil-based glazes to these areas is a great way to accentuate the lines of moldings and carvings that have been incorporated into the piece.

After the first coat of finish has been applied and has dried completely, apply an oil-based glaze that is a little darker than the overall piece to the embellished areas with a brush. Then gently start to remove the glaze from the prouder, raised areas using either a brush or rag. As you remove glaze, you will see the lines and figures come alive and add depth and character to the overall look of the piece.

I prefer to use a rag when removing the glaze from the high points, as it is often much easier to do this evenly than with a brush. However, you may find a brush may be better in some instances, such as in smaller or very detailed areas. Experience and a little experimenting will help you find what works best for you.

Glazed Carving

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