Signature Medalliion
Signature Medallions
By Pat Scott

Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of a Pie Safe that I finished making for my wife. I had ordered some Signature Medallions from you a while back, and thought you might like to see the finished product with medallion.

Everyone likes the medallion. I had been using a Sharpie permanent marker to sign my pieces for some time, but the medallion adds an extra touch of class to a project.

The drawer sides are maple. I ended up drilling a 1-1/8" diameter hole for the medallion (instead of 1"), then I made a "cup" or ring on my lathe from walnut to fit in the 1-1/8" hole. The inside dimension as you can guess is 1". I think the walnut highlights the medallion even more and adds a nice highlight to make the light colored medallion stand out against a light colored background. I like it so much I think I'm going to start using a "cup" for all my projects.

Pat Scott
Lakewood, CO.

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