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Wax Eloquent: Make Your Own Wax
Highland Hardware's Home Brew Wax Recipe
by Chris Black

Over-the-counter paste wax is perfectly acceptable, but cooking your own wax makes you appear privy to the jealously guarded secrets of historic guilds. Your friends will beg you for the mysterious recipe and you can act aloof (then share it with them.)

The Basic Recipe

1/4 Lb. Carnauba Wax (Flakes or granules)
      1 Lb. Beeswax (Flakes or granules)
      1 Metal soup can
      1 Qt. Turpentine
      1 Lb. Rottenstone (Optional)
      1 Tube Universal Tinting Color (Optional)

      Start by putting 1 part carnauba wax in the soup can, then place the wax-filled can in a pot of hot water and slowly heat until the wax is melted (approximately
185° F.) Once the carnauba wax has melted, remove the can from the heat (it's hot, use some pliers) and add 4 parts beeswax and enough turpentine to cover the mixture. Mix thoroughly, move into an appropriate storage container and let cool.

Optional Extras

Wax is a versatile finish and you can modify the basic recipe in many ways. Here are a few we've used:

       1. To make a thinner wax, add more turpentine during the mixing step.
     2. To make a thicker wax, add more beeswax during the mixing step.
         (Don't thicken with carnauba wax - takes too long to dissolve.)
     3. To make a harder wax, use a larger proportion of carnauba wax from the          beginning.
     4. To make a softer wax, use a larger proportion of beeswax wax from the          beginning.
     5. Add universal tinting color after mixing to achieve any color wax you          desire.
     6. Add a little rottenstone to make a fine polish for buffing out scratches and dull          finishes.

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