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Woodpeckers M2 Box Clamp - Pack of 2

Woodpeckers Box Clamp - Pack of 2  162657
Woodpeckers Box Clamp - Pack of 2  162657Woodpeckers Box Clamp - Pack of 2
Woodpeckers M2 Box Clamp - Pack of 2
Highland Item # 162657

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Detailed Description

Woodpeckers Box Clamp - Pack of 2

The Woodpeckers 4" Box Clamp is great for assembling cabinets, drawers and virtually any other box made from 1/4" to 1" thick material - even if the two pieces are different thicknesses (up to 1/4" difference). It clamps on rabbets, dados, miters, finger joints, dovetails and butt joints without blocking the edge of the joint - so you can drive nails or screws without moving the clamp. It's perfect for pocket hole joints! Woodpeckers box clamps can also support the joint while clamping, which is great for dry fitting.

Woodpeckers Box clamps are consturcted from fiber reinfirced polycarbioonate for strength. The clamping wedge locks into a series of grooves molded into the base. The adjustment wdge and clamping wedge lock in place with a quick turn or an hex key or knob (depending on the application). As you tighten the clamping wedge, it moves in three directions: pushing the workpiece into the clamp face, adjusting side to side to fit the stock and pushing the workpiece down into the clamp. Your workpiece won't move!

Box Clamps are sold in pairs and include two knobs and a hex key. You might consider buying two pairs so you can clamp all four joints in your box at once.

Each Woodpeckers 4" Box Clamp is manufactured at the Woodpeckers shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio.

Notice to residents of California: Please read our Proposition 65 warning.

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