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Woodpeckers Drill Press Table

Woodpeckers Drill Press Table Package 1
Woodpeckers Drill Press Table Package 1Woodpeckers Drill Press Table Package 1Woodpeckers Drill Press Table Package 2Woodpeckers Drill Press Table Package 2
Woodpeckers Drill Press Table
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Detailed Description

Woodpeckers Drill Press Table

Having a Woodpeckers Drill Press Table means you no longer have to suffer with the inadequate cast metal table that comes standard on a typical drill press. Most drill press tables are designed for metal working so they fall short for woodworking needs. Some woodworkers try to cobble together a home-grown table surface to adapt it for woodworking but end up with similar frustrations because of the crude attachments and devices necessary to make it work with wood. Then a light comes on when they see what Woodpeckers has done to engineer a solution that makes a standard drill press truly woodworker friendly.


The foundation of the Woodpeckers Drill Press Table is a spacious 16" x 23" x 1" work surface constructed of a solid MDF core covered with Micro-Dot laminate. Micro-Dot is a new material with a unique grid texture of small circular pockets that holds the work tight but reduces friction, making it easier to position stock for incremental drilling. The edges of the table are protected with a very durable, high density banding permanently bonded to the MDF core. The table is designed to fasten through slotted steel tables with coarse thread screws and to T-Slotted tables using a simple interface board made from 3/4" plywood (not included). All hardware for attachment (together with instructions) is included. Each table set includes one filler piece to eliminate tear-out. This can be easily replaced with any 1/2" thick material or pre-cut fillers (available in 3-Packs). Underneath the filler are leveling screws to adjust the filler piece flush with the surrounding table.

Please Note: Some drill presses can have a table crank handle design that will have clearance issues with an auxiliary drill press table installed. It may require you to mount the Woodpecker Table at an angle or justify it forward, putting the center cut out more towards the operator. You may choose to install wooden riser blocks to elevate the Woodpeck table up off the metal table for needed handle spin clearance. Inspect your drill press for how much the crank handle enters into the “plane” of the existing metal table to get an idea how an added table surface may impede the ability of the crank handle to rotate (include knuckle clearance).


Two double wide T-Tracks are embedded in the table and fastened in place from underneath to virtually eliminate the possibility of pulling out under pressure from a choice of hold-down clamps. Each T-Track is permanently laser engraved with an easy-to-read scale that clearly indicates the fence position. Once calibrated to your drill press, no further adjustment is needed.


The 36" long fence employs this same double wide track giving you more adjustable stop and accessory mounting options including simple "L" Stops and zero-play Flip Stops. As with the embedded track, fence is engraved with a centering scale that makes it simple to use. The fence is very easy to adjust both front to back and left and right without the need for any tools. It is locked firmly in place by two easy-to-grip fence clamping knobs attached to improved brackets that automatically align with the mounting tracks. It you're looking for a taller fence, Woodpeckers offers the DP3 Drill Press Fence.

The Woodpeckers Drill Press Table is designed for 12" and larger drill presses.

Drill Press Table Options

Both versions of the Drill Press Table come with the table, 36" Fence, two FlipStops, two clamps & one table filler. Package 1 comes with standard hold down clamps. Package 2 comes with knuckle clamps.

The Woodpeckers Drill Press Table is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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