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Woodpeckers Ultra-Shear Carbide-Tipped Turning Tools

Woodpeckers Ultra-Shear Carbide-Tipped Turning Tools
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Ultra-Shear Turning Tool:

Detailed Description

Woodpeckers Ultra-Shear Carbide-Tipped Turning Tools
New Ultra-Shear woodturning tools are fitted with premium, American made nano-grain carbide cutters, for improved cutting & edge retention.

Watch Woodpecker's video about the Ultra-shear Turning Tools

Carbide-tipped insert turning tools provide unique advantages for woodturners. They make it easier to start woodturning and eliminate the chore of sharpening your tools - a revolution in woodturning. With their new Ultra-Shear tools, Woodpeckers has taken carbide-tipped turning tools to the next level.

First generation carbide tools used flat bar stock for the shaft which greatly improved turning technique. With Woodpeckers unique shank design you can still keep the tool sitting flat and level on the toolrest which greatly simplifies the cutting process and increases the likelihood for safe, predictable and satisfying results. Woodpecker's design on the Full and Mid sized tools, however, incorporates a 45° bevel "flat" on the bottom edges that allow you to tilt the tools to take finishing shearing cuts, while the tool shank remains flat, level & stable on the tool rest. You maintain maximum control, while achieving the smoothest cuts possible. So in practice when you're almost finished, tilt the tool over onto the beveled surface (keep the handle parallel to the floor) and you'll be making a shear cut. Grain tear out is lessened, along with the need for follow up sanding!

The Pen-sized tools are just too small for bevels on the shaft to be stable. However, the bottom of the shaft is rounded so you can still tip the tools over to get a shearing cut. You'll have to hold on a little tighter, but the tools are small so it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Mid Size tools are for smaller projects. You can turn spindles, smaller bowls and pens with these tools. They are 15-1/2" overall length with 11" hard maple handles.
  • Pen Size tools are intended for pen turners (obviously), but you can also use them for turning other small projects. They are 12-1/4" overall length with 9" hard maple handles.
Cutter Shapes

Woodpecker's Ultra-Shear tools come in the three familiar shapes:

  • Square – for rough shaping and outside curves.
  • Round – for inside curves and finish turning
  • Diamond – for detail turning.

They also offer a few optional accessory cutters. For the square-tip tool, Woodpeckers offers radiused square cutters – square cutters that bulge out slightly on the flats. Radiused square cutters are more effective at making smoothing cuts. For the detail tools, Woodpeckers offers a special detail tip with a radiused point. The optional radius-point detail tip is used for shaping small coves on spindles and for smooth transitions between elements on spindles.

Each Woodpecker Ultra-Shear Carbide Turning Tool comes with a wrench for changing the cutter and a spare cutter screw.

  Tool HW # WP # Price  

Mid Size - Square for roughing

Standard cutter is the 20121 square insert.
Can also use 20122 & 20123 radiused square inserts.
162305 MSS

Mid Size - Round for finishing

Standard cutter is the 20124 round insert.
162307 MSR

Mid Size - Detail

Standard cutter is the 20129 sharp point detail insert.
162306 MSD

Pen Size - Square for roughing

Standard cutter is the 20125 square insert.
Can also use the 20126 radiused square insert.
162309 PSS

Pen Size - Round for finishing

Standard cutter is the 20127 round insert.
162311 PSR

Pen Size - Detail

Standard cutter is the 20129 sharp point detail insert.
162310 PSD

Product Videos

Woodpeckers Ultra-Shear Woodturning Tools

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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