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Here is my Woodturning!
By Richard Meganck
Troy, MI

A Goblet I made for my son's wedding

I have always had an interest in making things. As a child growing up in the Detroit area, I would bring home all the scrap wood pallets from a nearby factory that I could carry, borrowing a hand saw, a hammer and box of nails from my dad, I would keep busy all summer. The possibilities were endless.

My childhood passion carried on to my adult life, as a husband and father there was always something to build or repair, and with two kids I found myself making everything from a backyard sandbox to a chess board to countless school projects. There was a long run of school projects from grade school through high school and even college. My kids kept me busy for many years.

A chessboard and pieces I made for my son
As a parent you raise your children to have the confidence, knowledge and skill to someday walk alone.

But when that day comes it is bittersweet. Those childhood years go by so quickly and before you know it your daughter and son are adults. I'm proud to say that both my children worked hard and finished college through graduate school and they both have great careers ahead of them. I'm not suggesting that all those basement workroom school projects led the kids to find their life passion, but it is possibly more than a coincidence that both my daughter and son are engineers.

My wife and I now find ourselves empty nesters, my daughter has been married for a few years and my son was recently married this past May. For me the wedding provided a woodworking opportunity. I wanted to make something very special and unique for my son and daughter-in-law, a true keepsake and possible a family heirloom to be handed down.

A few years ago I got involved in woodturning, I saw a photo of a "captive ring" wine goblet and decided it would be a perfect wedding gift. I had never tried turning a captive ring piece, but was up to the challenge. The captive ring goblet was designed and inspired around the wedding.

After college my son accepted a job and stayed in California. He and his bride decided to "tie the knot on a yacht" and the destination wedding took place on a 142 ft. yacht that departed from Newport Beach, CA.

Wood stock for the wedding project (Finished Goblet
was 6-3/4 inches tall)
The wedding ceremony and reception took place on the yacht. Immediately following the ceremony everyone moved to the 2nd level for the reception and wedding toast. As part of my toast I drew on the wedding vows we all witnessed minutes before, and on the symbolism of the wedding rings exchanged at the ceremony. The rings are a circle, a shape with no beginning or end, and like their marriage would last for eternity. Wearing a wedding ring represents a public pledge to honor the marriage contract.

Cut off base / with crack (this was not
evident before turning)
It was at this time that I presented my son and his bride with the captive ring goblet, along with my expressed wish that it would be displayed in a prominent place in their home, and when over the years they would look at it, it would bring them back to this place and time and the joy and happiness of their wedding day.

My wedding toast with the turned goblet at my son's wedding
(Photo by Kip Roof )
The base of the goblet is laser engraved with their names and wedding date along with an anchor taken from their wedding invitation. The ship's wheel represents the yacht.

Test laser cut in cracked piece to determine depth
and wood burn rate, (center also tore out )
Finished laser engraving
I was pleased with my project and the expression of love it represents.

Below are some more projects I have made:

Other wedding gifts
All Michigan woods (Maple, Oak, Ash, Cherry, Walnut)
Every turner does pens
Lift Truck Christmas gift
A turning mechanism I made for my lift truck

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