GREAT SAVINGS on our IWASAKI Japanese Files
for Carving, Shaping and Smoothing

IWASAKI Japanese Files for Carving, Shaping and Smoothing

IWASAKI File Shavings

RATHER THAN producing sawdust waste like rasps normally do, these amazing tools remove tiny shavings that look as if they came from a miniature plane!

Traditionally utilized for the fine work required by wooden plane makers, they are also prized by furniture makers and patternmakers for shaping, sculpting, joinery tuning and easing hard edges. IWASAKI File Chipbreaker Known as floats, these tools' claim to fame is how they remove material quickly like a rasp while leaving a very clean surface finish like you would expect from a file.

Their curved teeth are arranged like a single cut file, except the face of each tooth is shaped like a mini chipbreaker. This allows wood shavings to break off and be forced up and away from the face of the file, thus helping to produce a smooth cut while making the teeth less likely to clog.

The teeth are sharp and hard for efficient cutting and long life. The flat files have teeth on both sides. The half round files have teeth only on the convex side. All files have safe edges (no teeth on the edges), and so are perfect for detailing up to an adjacent surface that you don't want to cut. Besides cutting standard woods, they can also be used on bamboo, OSB, MDF, plastics and resins.

IWASAKI Japanese Files for Carving, Shaping and Smoothing Available individually in 14 sizes/styles, or save by choosing one or more of our sets:


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