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Soft Wax

wood finishing

by Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

One of the great tools we finishers have in our arsenal of tricks are the SoftWax kits available here at Highland Woodworking. These soft wax fill sticks are great in the shop and on the road in a pinch when acci-DENTS happen or when the finish has already been applied and a blemish raises its ugly head. These products are easy to use and can be mixed together to produce a vast array of colors. Here are a few tips for use.

  1. When filling dents I find it easier to use a flame from a lighter to soften the wax further before and during application.
  2. Be sure to let the wax cool completely before removing excess and leveling.
  3. Use a flat sanding block and some grocery bag material as a flattening tool to rub out the wax. A sanding block and the back of old sandpaper works very nicely as well.
  4. After rubbing with the paper and block, switch to soft flannel to further level the wax.
  5. With another piece of flannel folded a couple of times continue to rub away the remaining wax from the area.
  6. If the sheen matches you're done. If a duller appearance is desired, rub very gently with Liberon fine steel wool.
  7. To mix colors, use a piece of glass placed over the area for repair. Using the lighter, melt a few drops of the various wax sticks onto the glass and mix while the wax is still warm. The glass will allow you to see the matching process while you mix.
  8. With a little practice on scrap you'll find the process is effective and easy to master.

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